A new chapter for DALRO and the creative arts in South Africa

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DALRO (the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation) has moved into its new premises as it begins a new chapter of the business.
The multi-purpose copyright organisation – which focuses on administering copyright for dramatic and artistic works including plays, musicals and visual arts and for literary works such as books, poems, newspaper articles – was established in 1967.
It was originally a subsidiary of SAMRO (the Southern African Music Rights Organisation) but negotiations to sell it to a management consortium, led by its current managing director Lazarus Serobe, were concluded in 2020.  The shareholders now include the staff and rightsholder associations that are affiliated to DALRO.
Serobe is a lawyer who was appointed MD of DALRO in 2014.  He believes the DALRO shareholding change is significant in that: “DALRO has moved from being a sideshow for music composers to being a core area of importance and control for authors, publishers and visual artists.
“The ultimate beneficiaries of DALRO are now the owners of dramatic, literary and visual art copyrights who get participation and control in DALRO and get to determine its destiny and have a say in how, and under what circumstances, their rights get used” he concludes.
DALRO’s new offices are located at Waverley Office Park, 15 Forest Road in Bramley, Johannesburg.
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