The air was bustling last Wednesday evening with sounds of a raspy trumpet and vocal melodies. It’s safe to say that the RADA Unearthed Volume Two album launch, RADAs third music album was a spectacular success.
‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ is a six-track compilation album featuring songs from genres which include pop, adult contemporary and world music with each track narrating an inspiring story. Recorded at The Hit Lab Recording Studio in Johannesburg, ‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ features an all-star lineup of local musicians.
Live performances on the night from Howie Combrink, Me-Ko, Lily Hollows and Steven Lee Lewis with MC Clint Brink as the voice of the evening entertaining the special guests which included national media and RADA supporters. Caroline Borole, who features on the album is currently on tour in New Zealand with the stage production of TINA, in which she plays the leading lady and Timothy Moloi a close friend and proud supporter of RADA also currently on a tour were not able to perform at the event, however their messages of encouragement and spectacular music videos were enjoyed by a welcoming audience.

RADA is an acronym for Rape, Alcohol, Drug, Abuse and is a Non-Profit Organization based in Johannesburg. The NGO was founded by the current CEO John-Paul Nobrega eight years ago with the aim to bring about positive change in the world.
The multifaceted organization adopts and supports various homes and centres which include orphanages, old age homes, Early Childhood Development centres, schools, homes for the

disabled, shelters for the homeless and day care centres situated in various vulnerable communities in South Africa.
RADA Unearthed music albums support and promote new music, share messages of inspiration through the music and create opportunities to highlight the work that RADA is doing. Royalties generated from each song is fed back into RADA to build, promote and support the community projects the non-profit is involved with. The music therefore has a direct impact on the lives of many.

“Without the undying commitment and overwhelming support of our many media partners, artists, celebrities, corporate sponsors and RADA Angels, RADA would not exist. I can only express my absolute sincere gratitude to you all and thank you for creating positive change,” says John-Paul Nobrega CEO of RADA.

To listen to ‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’, please see HERE

About the NGO:
RADA is a non-profit organisation committed to the eradication of society’s gravest and most pressing social ills. RADA is your place of renewal, an acronym for rape, alcohol, drug, abuse. At RADA, the focus is on self-responsibility and self-awareness, an important attribute that can redefine the way we treat others.
RADA Unearthed is the music side of RADA and focus on empowering people and creating a platform that assists all musical artists from all genres of music to showcase their talents. In addition, through RADA CARE we have developed the RADA Music Project, which is aimed at aiding individuals in all communities within South Africa who would like to be part of the musical arts. The purpose is to ignite the passion for music and to give the artist the opportunity to explore a hidden talent. The RADA Music Project aims to awaken a sense of hope in people and to create an outlet in which expressing one-self is made possible. RADA albums: RADA Unearthed Vol.1 released in 2016, with original tracks by new and established artists. RADA Inspire Vol.1 released in 2018/2019, features many of South Africas’ famous bands. It shares messages of inspiration with audiences in a fresh and dynamic way. RADA Unearthed Vol.2 released as singles is a compilation of original talent. The music is a mixture of urban and pop, each song having a distinct sound and message. The compete album will be released in May 2022. All the songs on these albums, not only create awareness and inspire but the royalties generated from each song is fed back into RADA to build, promote and support the community projects this non-profit is involved with. The music therefore has a direct impact on the lives of others and continues to make a difference and brings about change.

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