Izibongo Zami is the latest single from South African electronic music artist MX BLOUSE


“An ancestral chant for wisdom, protection, guidance and spiritual health”

Izibongo Zami is the latest single from South African electronic music artist Mx Blouse, set for release worldwide on all digital music platforms July, 22 2022. Produced by Tshepang Ramoba (of BLK JKS and a solo artist in his own right), the single stays true to Mx Blouse’s disregard for conventional genre aesthetics, incorporating dance and afro-rhythmic sonics buttressed by an unconventional, pleading rap style in their native IsiZulu tongue.

Premised on the idea of “ukuphahla” – a traditional ritual for connecting with one’s ancestors through meditation, prayer, the lighting of impepho (incense) and candles – the vocal performance and lyrics on Izibongo Zami are a chant, calling to the ancestors for wisdom, protection, guidance and spiritual cleansing.

A member of the Ngubane and Mhlongo clans of the Zulus, Mx Blouse calls out their patrilineal and matrilineal clan names: “Amabovu, O’Somashi, O’Ngcukumane” and “Njomane, Makhedama”, respectively, in a manner no different to what one would do when performing this ritual.

Izibongo Zami is the artist’s first release in over a year; a follow-up to 2021’s R&B soaked We Can Fall In Love.

The artwork is an image of the artist’s late mother. In the accompanying images, shot by Zac Modirapula and styled by the artist, Mx Blouse carries fruit and snacks on a serving board – a depiction of the kind of offerings one would bring “emsamo” (a space in the home, designated for the ritual and all communication with the ancestors).



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