Louise Carver explores the thrill of falling in love with her latest single ‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’

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Louise Carver, easily SA’s most loved female singer-songwriter, releases her latest single ‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’ through Gallo Record Company.

‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’ – the 2nd single from Louise’s forthcoming studio album, due later in 2022 – exudes a sultry and fresh pop sound, which naturally showcases Louise’s extensive vocal range and depth. The sexy feel of the track expresses the theme of both desire and excitement at finding that special person.
Louise expands on the inspiration behind ‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’, saying “The song is about the thrill of falling in love. Everything is new and exciting. You talk all night, drink too much wine, but feel energised by getting to know this person intimately…pure bliss.”
Louise once again recorded at Audio Militia Studio’s in Joburg and this time worked with producer Garrick Jones. Garrick was part of the electric duo, DeaderThanDisco, before he became a full-time producer & composer at Audio Militia. DeaderThanDisco gained popularity and great success on radio with their tracks, ‘I’m So Crunked Up’ and ‘Replay’. Louise was introduced to Garrick at the studios and was instantly drawn to the way he seamlessly merges electronic beats with a traditional pop sound. “Every day was a wonderful surprise working with Garrick, he is constantly searching for unique grooves and samples to elevate the single into something completely unique and unforgettable,” recalls Louise.
‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’ is a remarkable release from Louise, reiterating her profound place in the music industry and flawlessly showcasing her incredible song-writing and vocal skills. Louise Carver is timeless and her music transcendent.

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