Potch restaurant Julia’s Eatalian enters the fray!

The challenge is on! Restaurants from all over the country are entering the Porcupine Ridge Pizzeria Challenge 2022 to win the coveted prize of being named the makers of South Africa’s tastiest pizzas. In addition to that honour, the winning establishment also gets a year’s supply of wine, a trophy, a winner’s plaque and other prizes to the value of R25 000. Nine runners-up win six cases of Porcupine Ridge wine as well as a plaque and promotional materials for their establishment.

Last year’s inaugural competition saw over 100 restaurants nationwide competing to be crowned the country’s most-loved pizzeria as voted for by consumers.

This year, the battleground looks set to be more intense than ever and one eatery gearing up for the contest is Julia’s Eatalian which is located in Potchefstroom.

We asked general manager Charl Claassen about his pizzas and tackle that age old question about whether it’s okay to have pineapple on your pizza!

Tell us a bit about Julia’s Eatalian

The restaurant opened in 2019, closed for a while because of lockdown and then reopened in July 2021 with continued success. All the products we use in our dishes are fully imported from Italy except the fresh ingredients like chicken, meats and vegetables. Even our Grappa and Limoncello are imported! The owner of the restaurant, Mr Rob Bandini, also runs a large factory which makes all mozzarella, cheddar, mascarpone, ricotta, parmesan and feta cheeses that we use. Our sauces are made the authentic Italian way as is our tiramisu and crème brulée. I’m proud to say that we were recently awarded the best Italian restaurant in Potchefstroom by Restaurant Guru.

What makes your pizzas so special?

Our pizza dough is homemade with imported Farina Grano Tipo 00 Flour. We make small batches at a time, so it stays fresh, and it’s then rolled to a thin crust to order.

What is your signature pizza or best-seller?

The Napolitana is definitely our signature pizza with homemade Napolitana sauce, fresh basil and imported buffalo mozzarella. Our best seller is the Julia’s which is topped with bacon, fresh avo and feta.

What is your definition of a good pizza?

One that has a thin crust, homemade tomato sauce and just the right amount of cheese

Do you prefer a thin crust or a thick crust?

A thin crispy crust … always.

What are your favourite toppings?

I like a meaty pizzas, so one with bacon, salami, pepperoni or ham does it for me.

Is there anything that should never be on a pizza?

Pineapple! There’s definitely no place for pineapple on a pizza!

What wine do you drink when eating a pizza?

A good merlot always goes well with a pizza that has a meaty topping,

Consumers dining at participating restaurants can vote for their favourite pizza via a QR code or via the website at www.votepizza.wine. Each week, one lucky voter will win a mixed case of wine from Porcupine Ridge and an EarthFire Pizza Stone & Cutter. A grand prizewinner drawn at the end of the challenge will receive wine from Porcupine Ridge, an EarthFire Pizza Oven and pizza to the value of R2000 from their favourite pizzeria.

Julia’s Eatalian can be found at 14 Luke Avenue, Potchefstroom. Telephone number for bookings is 018 782 8015

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