GaloreSA Premiere – Jann Klose asks for a return to nature and finding our common humanity in latest single ‘Flesh and Blood’


Out now on Honey Rose Records.

Award-winning musician and songwriter, Jann Klose unveils his latest single and music video for Flesh and Blood, which is out today, July 22nd, on Honey Rose Records across all digital platforms.

Following the success of the previous single ‘Sugar My’, Jann has once again worked with one of the industry’s most revered songwriters, Alex Forbes (who has had hits with Nile Rodgers/Chic and Taylor Dayne) on the brand-new single ‘Flesh and Blood’.

Writing with Alex is a real gift. She fills space when I draw a blank and vice versa. We have developed a great friendship and theres a lot of trust between us. It grows with every song. We had already written other tracks for my upcoming new album, including Surrenderand Sugar My. When we got to Flesh and Bloodwe had settled in to a very open and reflective approach that has worked for us in the past with the difference being that we wanted to go deeper and dig further into human behavior.”

Photo Credits : Mikiodo

Jann continues reminiscing about writing with Alex and explaining the theme and inspiration for the single, saying “When Alex Forbes and I were in the writing session that yielded ‘Flesh and Blood’ our aim was to talk about a society that feels disconnected. People feeling disconnected from each other. Our “addiction” to technology… And instead asking for a return to nature, healing divisions and finding our common humanity.”

Moving from writing with Alex Forbes, Jann joined Producer Marcus Dembinski to record the single, which in true pandemic style started in his bedroom studio until they could access Studio G in Brooklyn. “The arrangement credit [for the song] really must got to Marcus! He created a beautiful — and more progressive/rock — structure for the track that lifted it to a state I didn’t imagine until he shared his ideas with me. I loved it immediately. His drumming on the track is very powerful,” comments an elated Jann. 

The release of the single is accompanied by the visually stunning music video.

Watch this amazing video below :

Jann once-again worked with Video Director, Alex Vishno, and Choreographer, Eileen “EJ” Jaworowicz at the Lee Lund School of Dance and filming took place in Milford, Connecticut during the last week of June 2022. 

As with his previous music video for ‘Sugar My’, this production was once again a collaborative effort between Jann’s label, Honey Rose Records, Big Management and Alex, EJ and Marcus. With a power team by his side, Jann is grateful for their vital contribution. “I feel quite lucky that I have this great team in my corner. There is never a reluctance to speak openly about what we are going for and to make changes if necessary. I love working through dance and ‘Flesh and Blood’ gave us an opportunity to tell a story about beauty, innocence and healing through movement, music and re-connecting with nature which I think is somewhat of a lost art. I don’t want to give too much away but the visual aspects of this, I feel, are pushing all of us to a new level.”

It’s not all work while filming, as some fun and playful moments happened on set! Jann recalls a few very fun behind the scenes moments while filming ‘Flesh and Blood’ and shares the highlights, saying “Apparently the two dozen female dancers had all become quite familiar with the ‘Sugar My’ choreography so we filmed them breaking out into the moves and put a clip of it on my TikTok. There’s a video of EJ teaching the choreography on You Tube for anyone that wants to check it out. Hey, she even got ME to learn a couple of the moves for ‘Flesh and Blood’ which is saying something!”

Stream / Listen to ‘Flesh and Blood’ HERE

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This premiere was facilitated by Melissa Conradie and published by Galore SA.

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