Drakensberg Boys Choir releases catchy rendition of BUTTER.

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Hot on the heels on the success of their release of the popular Maroon 5 hit Memories, the world-renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir drop their newest single; a catchy take on the smash hit Butter by the global sensation BTS; across all digital platforms on Friday, July 15th, along with a striking music video filmed on location on the scenic Whale Bone Pier in Umhlanga, South Africa .

While the Drakensberg Boys Choir are known predominantly for singing classical music, they have always embraced the contemporary music of the time, dating back to the 80’s.

Over the past 2 years there has been an upward drive to make another shift towards bringing the choir into a modern space. This rendition of the worldwide hit Butter was a fun idea of how they can take a very well-known pop song – with over 780 Million views of their music video to date – and make it relevant to a choir, but also have some fun with the choreography.

As the original song wasn’t arranged for choir but for the South Korean Boy Band, they put choir parts in with flowing melodies that complement the lead line. They wanted to showcase the different talents of the boys and didn’t shy away from the rap section. They also added Zulu over the original melody to bring out the African flavour that the DBC is known for.

Sticking quite close to the original production of the song, some new elements were added to make it unique to the DBC. The saxophone solo at the end of the original was replaced with a guitar solo. Vocally the song is very different from the original.

Overall, the production still causes you to bob your head, but there is enough different in it to peak your interest and make you listen closely.

BUTTER is now available for streaming/downloading across all digital platforms HERE

BUTTER Music Video

Filmed on location at the famous Whale Bone Pier at Umhlanga, South Africa, the boys are seen dancing up and down the peer from morning, noon and night. With smoke and lighting filling up the night sky, you can only but smile at the sight of the boys having a blast as they dance to the wonderful choreography of coach Zakes Nkosi. While some of the dancing is based on the original choreography, there is a section of uniquely South African “Pantsula” dancing in the middle.

The music video for Butter was made possible through the generous support of Umhlanga Whale Bone Pier, Durban Tourism, Durban Film Office, uMlhanga Urban Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) and Panga Films.

Says Producer, Tristan Trent, excitedly; “It was a huge honour and a ton of fun creating our own rendition of this global phenomenon by superstars BTS, a song that took the world by storm and captured the attention of everyone, us included. And to have the exquisite setting of The Whale Bone Pier in Umhlanga as the music video backdrop was an unforgettable experience for all of us involved. We can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of our version of Butter!”

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