Karma Luna releases ethereal contrasting love song “Inside Out”


Today, 8 July 2022, ethereal vocalist Karma Luna releases her enchanting single “Inside Out” with a different take on a love song. A few months after her single “Poison Ivy” was released, this single tells of a love story that is blissful and hurts, heals and shapes the main character into whom they were meant to be.

With similar elements to “Poison Ivy”; her breathy vocals juxtaposed against deep, dark and bassy sounds, Karma Luna takes the listener on a musical journey with “Inside Out” which resembles the type of music score you would hear in a movie.

“Inside out” is a song that anybody can relate to if they listen close enough. It is a different type of love song – An all-consuming love song. A love song that not only speaks of a love endured between two different souls but of one falling in love with oneself, as they fall in love with another soul who reveals more of who they truly are. A love that is so powerful, that it enables you to be brave enough to dive deep into who you are, underneath all the layers of whom society has told you to be, and become who you were truly meant to be.

“Inside out” is so special to me, because at the time it was written, it was about a specific person and now that I have grown and healed. This song is about me and how I have loved myself into becoming who I am meant to be. Once the song was about a love that changed my perception of pieces of my make-up, and the type of person society told me not to love. Now the song is about healing and falling in love with myself. It’s so beautiful how music can grow with you.” – Karma Luna describes “Inside Out”

Karma Luna’s intention for “Inside Out”, is for it to have the same impact it had on her, while writing it. She wants the listeners to feel empowered to love whomever they want to love and be whomever they want to be. I want them to find power in who they are, to be brave and rebellious against the norm. The leap of faith she took in loving the person she chose to love in, changed her life in so many ways. There has been judgment, criticism, and she was continuously told who she was and who she was supposed to be. “But the love that exists inside me was powerful enough for me to overcome all of that and I am so proud of who I am.” – Karma Luna’s expression of “Inside Out”.

To launch the single, Karma Luna is to perform “Inside Out” with other singles and DJ at Snatch 32 in Illovo on Friday, 8 July 2022 with a special guest, Star FM’s Nicole da Silva.

Download/Stream “Inside Out” now: https://ElectromodeZA.lnk.to/InsideOutAr

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