Namakau Star presents her debut EP Landing home-grown sounds made for global audiences


Namakau Star, no stranger to reinvention this multifaceted musical force has come back stronger than ever with a tribute to authenticity and freedom, dreamily packaged in a 7 track EP, titled LANDING released through Paradise Sound Systems.

Landing is an EP that brings one’s soul on a voyage of discovery: exploring the human heart and the mind through its songs. Tracks such as Seazn Luv explore Namakau Star’s sensuality in a carefree yet honest tone, expressing love and desire without shame or inhibitions wrapped up in sensual melodies and afro beats.

Another track on the EP Rewind is a conversation with the self about past romantic experiences, with self-reflection and nostalgia accompanied by smooth vocals and neo-soul sounds. The track ‘Rewind’ is a gentle reminder of the healing process of a broken heart.

“Don’t forget to bear witness to your own beauty and your own journey: be present enough to see how far you’ve come and be present enough to enjoy who you are becoming, who you are right now,” expresses Namakau Star.

Born in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, experiencing the vastness of Gauteng, and eventually residing in the mother City of Cape Town, Namakau Star is no stranger to the human experience, as well as the emotion that comes along with it.

She has won the hearts of many indie music lovers because of her desire to be authentic and to remain a free spirit. Her desire to remain an independent artist eventually led her to work with indie label Paradise Sound System. Being called the ‘Vibe Goddess’ by her fans, she bends and mixes the genres of Hip Hop and R&B with each song appealing to both the ears and the soul.

Namakau Star’s artistry has already gained recognition, with her being a notable influence in the alternative RnB & Hip Hop scene; having television appearances as well as commendations from different media outlets. In 2021 her music gained recognition through placements in Apple Music’s curated playlists, the Queen of RnB segment on MTV Base, as well as various publications such as Hype Magazine, Texx in the city, and BreakRoomAfrica.

In 2022 she was selected as a jury member in the Searching For Paradise competition, supported by Paradise Sound System, Women In Music SA, and Trace Africa.

“Namakau Star represents the discipline, drive, talent and calm determination we believe Independent artists from Africa require to compete on the worldwide music market today. We proudly stand behind the ‘vibe goddesses’ vision, originality and vision,” said Sarah Jane Nicholson, MD Paradise Worldwide (Africa).

Namakau Star delivers a sonic journey of sounds with her debut EP. Fans can expect a futuristic kind of sound, complete with broken barriers and blended genres as she evolves and enters a new chapter in her artistry.

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