Cece Vee steps back into the limelight with deft new single, Self-Doubt


Genre-transcending singer and multi-instrumentalist Cece Vee is back with a brand-new single!
Following in the impressive wake of her EP Past Midnight, released systematically throughout 2021, everyone’s favourite artist with the flinty open heart returns with more trademark confessional lyrics and infectious electronic beats.
Cece’s music has already left its indelible mark on both the local and international music scene, with tracks that shot to the top of charts like the JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist (2020), and graced television screens as the auditory backdrop to US series like Good Trouble. Upon the release of her EP in January 2022, she was also featured on the cover of the Spotify editorial playlist, SAlt.
Having already explored themes of healing, nostalgia, regret, heartache, and personal growth in her playful yet captivating music to date, it’s no surprise that Self-Doubt comes to the table with similarly weighty, yet wholly necessary, subject matter.

Listen to ‘Self-Doubt’

“I often experience self-doubt and I overthink a lot, both in my artistic career and in my personal life. This can look like overthinking decisions, worrying about the future, dealing with imposter syndrome, or lying awake at night, replaying conversations in my head,” Cece reveals.

What the artist has since realized is that these nagging thoughts and feelings can become her biggest obstacle and turn her into her own worst enemy if she allows it.

“Today’s society places amazingly high, often unrealistic standards on us all. Not living up to these impossible expectations can often taint our self-image. What I’ve learned so far is that the less you worry about external pressures, the happier you will be. Ultimately, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are probably doing way better than you think.”

Self-Doubt rides a tide of crisp, inviting electronic beats that have been expertly produced with clever, subtle percussion pieces underpinned by complementary breathy organ synthesizers to carry the seductive melodies of Cece’s dreamy vocals.

Cece’s honesty and talent brings toughness to her softest songs, and vulnerability to her loudest ones, and Self-Doubt walks the tidy tightrope between these extremes. This song crystalises her gifts as an artist – when she sings, it feels as if all the possibilities of the world are opening up. For even just a moment, it seems likely that everything will be okay.

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