Werner Bekker’s new track ‘Side of the Wild’ takes listeners on an introspective journey


Werner Bekker sings “You get one chance to love like a child, one chance to live life on the side of the wild” in his bold new single.

The song, which has a slightly more ‘pop’ feel than fans are use to, is an ode to taking risks, living life to its full, and doing everything you can to achieve your dreams.

The singer says, “This song serves as a reminder that we only have one chance at being young. That is more valuable than anything. Enjoy every single moment as much as you possibly can.”

This realization came after much introspection regarding life and the societal norms that are placed upon us, for example opinions around career choice, lifestyle or even your way of thinking. At the time of writing, Werner was feeling boxed in by these norms. He was faced with predicaments as to what someone his age should be acting like or where they should be in their career progression. Putting this into a cathartic song was his way of channeling all his frustrations and fears.

He adds, “This song really helped me to understand some of the pressures I was experiencing in my own life and I hope it will help others too. I want to leave people with the belief that no matter how big or small your dreams are, you need to chase them with every fiber of your being. So often we are told that we should aim lower or even that we are not good enough. Over the years I have learnt that criticism is to be expected and we should take it with a grain of salt. Follow your heart, especially if what you are striving for is crucial to you being a happy human being.”

When asked about the increasing pop influences in his music, Werner attributes this shift to the music he listens to, the response he gets from fans in a live context and just the pleasure of shaking things up a little.

“I think it’s fun to shake things up every now and then, plus the evolution of music and style is very important. Just as we change slightly throughout our lives, so will the art that we create mold itself to our current state of being. After all, art is just a representation of thoughts and experiences of an individual.”

The song also addresses issues of individuality and celebrating our differences. Werner says, “We are not all the same and our individuality should be celebrated not looked down on.”

The songwriter’s hope for the song is that it can help people through tough times or even be the soundtrack to the best times in their life.

“Music is so subjective and I just hope that this song can be a part of someone’s journey,” he says. “If I achieve great success with this song that would be a great plus, but as long as one person enjoys it, I will be more than happy.”

Werner is working on a number of new songs. Side of the Wild is the first in a series of singles set for release in 2022, to be followed by an EP/album.

When asked what sets him apart from other artists in the country, Werner says, “I think my songwriting sets me apart. I really strive to write songs that have meaning and which people can relate to. I would like to think that in some way my songwriting, melodies, guitar riffs and production stands out as being unique and hopefully something that makes people think.”

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