This is one of those songs you had no idea you needed until you heard it.

With the world in turmoil, almost everyone has been struggling on some level with moments of anxiety, depression or mental health. Through a shared need to heal and connect, two of South Africa’s most celebrated artists come together to write the next powerful collaboration, “Better”.

Craig Lucas, who has taken a short hiatus from releasing music, finally releases his latest single that features outstanding Electronic Pop group, GoodLuck, on this powerful song ‘Better’.

Listen to ‘Better’ HERE

‘Better’ has two of SA’s finest vocalists, Craig and Jules, who deliver an undeniably important message in a very fragile time.  “’Better’ started during covid as a love letter to all the amazing people in our lives who supported and loved us during a really difficult time. I’ve been so lucky to have the most incredible support system – from a superwoman of a mom to the most compassionate and loyal friends whom I’ve known since primary school. I’ve also been blessed with so many ride or die fans who’ve believed in me from the start and stuck around even when I didn’t even believe in myself. We started the song a while ago, but it couldn’t be more relevant right now. Jules said this song was one the world didn’t know they needed until they heard it, and I completely agree. It’s also the song we didn’t know we needed until we wrote it,” explains Craig.

Jules chats further on the message from the single, saying “I love that this song also speaks to the fragile state of mental health in so many of us right now… it is just not spoken about enough. We are using the opportunity with ‘Better’ to try and spread further awareness about depression and anxiety, because there is still a pretty shameful stigma about speaking about it and that is really the only way someone can actually deal with it. Hoping that this song connects with anyone who is needing to feel a bit better and that it helps them to know they are never alone.”

‘Better’ was produced by Ben Peters (from GoodLuck) and Greg Abrahams, two of the most talented producers in South Africa who strive for absolutely flawless production and intention. This motivation and energy from them sparked a process which had everyone pushing themselves as vocalists and artists on this track.

Craig recalls the process, saying Working on ‘Better’ with GoodLuck was a crazy experience. We have in common that we’re all perfectionists – every lyric, every single sound in the production must be perfect. But even though we were working hard, a lot of the time it felt like we were just hanging out having fun. It was a little intimidating at first, but Jules, Ben and Tim have been so gracious – they have so much knowledge and experience and they’re very happy to share it.’

Friends for years now, Jules reminisces on how they met and how the single came to be. “We met Craig when he was a finalist on The Voice and we were invited to give a workshop to the top contestants on Song Writing. Each contestant had to write a song for us to crit and workshop together, but the minute I heard Craig’s song I knew there was something incredibly special about him. Not only as a phenomenal songwriter and artist… but as a person. Since that moment a beautiful friendship has formed and we have had the honour of having him work at our studio a few times. This song was born during a pandemic and of course this was a very difficult time for us as artists, but there were so many people who helped us in the darkest moments – just when we thought we had to give up, they were there and they made it all better. I think this song is very special… and I hope the world agrees!”

Craig Lucas has celebrated an exceptional career since winning The Voice South Africa back in 2017. After the release of his first single, ‘I Said This’ to radio, he unveiled his debut album RESTLESS in October 2017, which earned him a SAMA nomination the following year for ‘Best Pop Album’. With an impressive kick off to his recording career, Craig has seen multiple singles chart across SA, including ‘Smother’ (which also had the duet version with 2017 Idols winner Paxton Fielies), ‘Hearts Exposed’, ‘Anti-sociable’ and Happy.

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