Newcomer Thys Nortje releases debut single “Skryf”!

Newcomer Thys Nortje has just released his first single titled “Skryf”. “Skryf” is described as a love song that combines a contemporary feel with folk sounds and Thys’ poetic writing style. Thys Nortje is an up-and-coming artist with a passion for music who has made a name for himself as “the guy with the guitar”.

In “Skryf”, Thys sings about a couple who feel lost in the world but find each other and walk the path together. He refers to the lyrics “So I write your name on my walls, these people may think we’re crazy, but you understand me”. The song is an intimate and personal expression of the love and connection between two people.

Thys was born in Pretoria but grew up on a farm in the Free State. His love for music began when he was in grade 3 and his mother bought a piano for his sister. He later started playing the guitar himself and began writing his own songs.

After completing his high school years, Thys decided to study computer engineering, but his passion for music never left him. He participated in Jannie du Toit’s “Die Nuwe Baadjie” competition, which brought him in contact with the people of Vonk Musiek. This encouraged him to take his music career more seriously, and he recently recorded his first EP, “Skryf”.

The “Skryf” EP is a collection of personal songs that Thys has written over the years. The recording sessions lasted only six days, but Thys learned a lot from his experience with Tertius Human in the studio.

Thys’ talent for music, lyrics, and his honest, personal approach to his music make him an artist to watch. His latest single, “Skryf”, is a touching and beautiful expression of the power of love and connection.

Listen to the song here:

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