Table setting with card for Mother’s day dinner

Mothers are generally the back bone of the household – they do it all for us and most of what they do goes unnoticed; it’s taken as a given (on special occasions they do get hugs & kisses).

She is the protector, the disciplinarian and the one you can share everything with. She is more often selfless, making sacrifices for what she wants and needs, ensuring the wants and needs of her children are met first.

She also works super hard to make sure that her kids are equipped with the skills and abilities to make it as a good, kind and competent human being. Most importantly, she brings you up so that others will also love and care about you when you have left the nest.

So, all this being said, it is that time of year when we need to pay respect and make the first woman we ever loved feel extra special – our mum.

We all know that a well-cooked meal can go a long way. And what better way to accompany a well-cooked meal by creating a special table setting for the celebration, especially if you are doing it at home.

When setting the table keep it soft. This is really important as it sets the tone of the meal that you will be serving. Soft colours such as pinks and various shades of white will look really amazing. If you have the soft tones it would be lovely to include some fresh bouquets. 

When purchasing flowers, make sure they have their natural fragrance. Use a vase to make a centrepiece and include some colours while making sure it complements the table. And the bonus of a bouquet, is that once the meal is over, mum gets an extra gift of flowers to take home.

Keep it simple. The décor should remain as clean as possible. If you are eating on a wooden table, make sure it’s clean. And if it is showing its age, cover with a simple white tablecloth. As for the cutlery and dining plates etc, now is the time for the “good china”, which will definitely make her feel extra special.

If you are having an evening affair, include some candles, and even if you don’t light them it will make the table look pretty. If you prefer, use the candles to set the tone as a centrepiece instead of flowers.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, we always want to impress our mom, and remind her of how loved she is. Any thought, whether big or small, counts in her eyes.

One final tip from the head culinary artists at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, “Our advice is to cook from the heart and, if you are bringing out the “good china”, please make sure you wash up carefully and return safely back into the display cabinet!” They also added that if you don’t plan to cook, then bring her to Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, and treat her to a wonderful lunch at the Bistro or a delicious dinner at the Eaves Restaurant.

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