Donovan Goliath On The Art Of Content Creation And Hosting The Upcoming DStv Content Creator Awards

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This weekend, local content creators are set to be celebrated as the second DStv Content Creator Awards, in association with Samsung, take place in Sandton, Johannesburg. These awards shine a spotlight on South Africa’s greatest creators and thumb-stopping content that has wowed local audiences this year. 

As a DStv Content Creator Awards winner himself, and two-time nominee this year, Donovan Goliath steps up as host for what promises to be an incredible evening. As an accomplished comedian, content creator and presenter, Donovan is set to bring his unique charisma, humour, and infectious energy to the stage, making him the perfect choice to guide audiences through an evening filled with creativity, innovation, and celebration. With a successful career spanning over a decade, Donovan is known for his ability to connect with diverse audiences and keep them engaged.

Donovan shares a little bit about his journey in the industry, some advice for up-and-coming creators and how he feels to be hosting this year’s DStv Content Creator Awards.

How does it feel to be hosting this year’s DStv Content Creator Awards?

I am super excited for it! I was a winner last year so to come back onto that stage and hold everything together is amazing. I must be honest, I am a little bit nervous as well. You are performing in front of a room of some of the most talented, creative and most entertaining people in the country so I have to bring my A game.  

Why do you think platforms like the DStv Content Creator Awards are so important for local creators today?

I think it is a wonderful stamp of approval. I think it gives a lot of young creators a nice boost of confidence, a nice piece of validation and especially because big brands like DStv are backing all of this is just fantastic. It helps with recognition and with amplification and lets a lot of content creators know that what they are doing is right and encourages us to keep going.  

How do you approach a piece of content you create?

My content creation journey always starts with a funny thought or idea that gets fleshed out on paper for a while. Once I have unpacked it and believe it will be funny enough, I will record it and make the necessary edits and final tweaks. I definitely use my stand-up comedy knowledge to create content that is more interesting while combining them with witty visuals.

What is the one piece of advice you have for content creators wanting to take their career further?

It’s really difficult and it takes a really long time so don’t think that success would be something you achieve overnight. That being said, when success does come, be prepared to handle that as people will be expecting a lot from you. You have to put the work in and you have to show up every single day. Authenticity is your friend here. Finally, gear often doesn’t matter – a story is a lot more powerful than shooting on the latest camera.

What do you hope to see happen in the industry going forward?

It would be great to see a lot of the new, young creators given a seat at the table – especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. I feel like we are sharing the same stories and stereotypes recycled over and over but to have people with different perspectives and different relatable insights coming through and sharing their thoughts would be really fantastic.

As the countdown to this year’s DStv Content Creator Awards, in association with Samsung Galaxy begins, fans who didn’t manage to get a ticket to the ceremony can tune into the glitz and glam of the Purple Carpet live on the awards’ TikTok from 18:00-19:00 on Saturday 9 September.

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