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Photo Credit : Howie Combrink

Raw, passionate vocals and emotional lyrics that make you daydream about a simpler life – meet Reino Brink, the new rising pop sensation. 

After his previously released singles back in 2021, Reino Brink is back with his new single entitled ‘Dance Till The Sunrise’, accompanied by the official music video.

Recorded and produced by Howie Combrink at The Hit Lab in Johannesburg, the pop-artist shares more about the track and production process thereof: “I went to studio with a small 40 second demo track I made on my iPad. Howie and I completely changed the instruments, and after a while Howie started playing a guitar riff, and from there we went with the vibe the song was giving. I would like people to describe the song as, ‘having a good time, while being free’. The song title is all about letting go and living in the moment even though things aren’t really working out for you. The inspiration was all about improving on self-confidence. In a way, it’s all about not being scared of yourself as the lyrics go – ‘I don’t want to run away no more…’”

Accompanied, Reino also gifts us the official music video – shot in a random location near Harties, by creative directors, SEVVEN and Howie Combrink, the visuals portray the single in the most pleasant way. With its vintage-inspired settings, a white backdrop and instruments all over, we cannot help but daydream and being exported into an epic 80’s summer.

The visual radiates feelings of nostalgia told through Reino’s modern point of view and seamlessly translates the song’s story and energy to the screen. It serves as the perfect companion to this rising hit.

On the music video, Reino stated: “The idea behind the music video is all about how I started music by teaching all the things I know, myself. In the music video, you can see me playing all the instruments. The theme we went for was a total disco 80’s vibe.”

Drawing inspiration from a plethora of musicians and genres such as the iconic 80’s, Don Henley, Erasure, and Sam Fender, Reino’s ability to fuse heavy-hearted pop melodies and deep songwriting continues to set him apart of his peers.  Reino has attributed his ability to blend diverse musical influences in part to the various music environments he was exposed to growing up.

“I’ve been listening to Sam Fender a lot lately. His music resonates with me in a big way. I wouldn’t say because of my upbringing, but more about not letting go of the anger and the heartbreak that occurred over the last few years when I was still in school. 2021 was a very emotionally rough year for me”, Reino adds.

The track, an instant bop, is a reflection of the singer’s previous struggles and explores the meaning of self-acceptance.

Growing up Reino was ultimately devoted to music, he was always listening to something, especially music being played by his dad and brother, which sprouted into his career and overall ambition.

He initially began writing his own songs and taught himself to play the guitar, and piano in between school and studies. Over the past two years, he has self-released two well-crafted songs, written and self-produced at home.

‘Dance Till The Sunrise’ is only a taste of what’s yet to come from the pop-star this year.

Reino Brink is an artist you need on your playlists this summer, he evokes brightness, a kind spirit, and everything dreamy, musing: “When I listen to my own music it makes me feel a childlike joy, and it’s a feeling that I try keep on recreating. I’d love to make an album based on the atmosphere and storytelling found in the 80’s genre – bring back the good type of music the 70’s – 80’s gave us.”

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