Reunionese Triple Threat Malaika Salatis Releases Single “Give it All”


On Friday 15 April 2022, Reunionese artist Malaika Salatis releases her latest single, “Give It All” globally, along with the single’s Dance Video. This release is ahead of her forthcoming EP called “Reunion” to be released in the coming months. 

Malaika Salatis is a professional singer, dancer, model, and actress who has performed for renowned artists such as Macklemore, Tiwa Savage, and many more. She has also appeared on TV shows including The Voice. With all these incredible accolades behind her and being a dancer to the stars. She is now ready to release music in her own right.

Born and raised in Reunion Island, it is to her one of the most unusual, hidden gem paradises on our planet, a place that holds a multitude of spectacular features that no doubt should be world-famous. She has traveled the world and lived in both Paris and Australia. She taps into these wanderlust experiences to inspire her music. 

Professionalism, her love for life, and her craft are by far Malaika’s greater strengths, not to mention her passion for the performing arts and hunger for creative excellence.

Malaika Salatis truly hopes to raise a voice and provoke inspiration within the hearts of the upcoming generation through her artistic vision.

The journey to the creation of the single “Give It All” starts with a young Malaika Salatis who is unable to accept love as it comes, so she constantly flees difficulties. She finds herself turning everything upside down as she can no longer handle the pressure that hangs over her shoulders. In her quest, she realizes the emptiness that lives within her. She forces herself to look in the mirror and once she does, she is naturally guided to her roots.

This emotional journey crosses paths with an incredible Reunionese artist that uses
unconventional recording techniques by capturing everyday sounds in his home and
mixing them into his music. As it opens its doors to her, she feels more and more
confident to write her story with him.
“Give it all” is a window into this young woman’s soul; the love she refused for too long
to give to herself.
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”

We welcome you to join her on this beautiful journey.

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