Ginger Rock is at it again!!


Ginger Rock is at it again!!! As the flagship is known and well versed in the art of entertainment, Ginger always seems tremendously meticulous about whom she represents. Her go-to will always be South Africa’s top VIPs, managing performances, and this time she’s picked no other than multi-talented virtuoso Jack Stone.

This collaboration pushed everyone to the edge of the seat as they observe closely how they combined forces while traveling S.A during festive season 2021 and mixing with some extremely engrossing Sponsors. 

Ginger did not reveal a lot about the collaboration between the two since November 2021 and spiked interest with the trending hashtag #jackandginger.

It seems like this time around things were done a little bit differently. The collaboration between the two was not contractual under the Ginger Rock brand as she took on the role as a partner in the Jack Stone empire – BRAVO

One of the first undertakings they started was the sponsorship with Goldsmith Annelle Murray.  Simultaneously they will initiate the new line “Dark Horse” with spectacular compositions that will be one of a kind.

 On the 1st of April 2022, the exclusive designs will be displayed in public for the first time. #jackandginger gave social media followers a glimpse of what’s to come and the wow factor will blow you away.

Ginger revealed that the specific peace carries significant meaning by adding the quote – “Never forget, a Queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that were thrown at her. Their courage to fight for their beliefs and willingness to make sacrifices are what makes them royalty” 

The 30ct Sparkler will be clutched firmly in a 6 clawed timeless solitaire setting and will be one powerful elegant statement. SPECTACULAR! Go check it out on her social media platforms @gingi_rock

 Jack also gave peeps a glimpse of his exclusive creations and may I just say it’s one of a kind. They quote @jack_stone_world

 “A dark horse, which had never been thought of, rushed past the grandstand in sweeping triumph. Black beauty – he’s a dark horse. Sailing heart-ships through broken harbors Out on the waves of the night, still, the searcher must ride the dark horse racing alone in his fright”
How appropriate, so classic and busting with wonder! 

The rare birds will be worn only by themselves and will not be part of the Dark Horse line. Similar creations will be crafted and designed by Annelle Murray and brimmed with the same vibe as the signature pieces. 

The Team will host another Springsteen Tribute in Cape Town’s most popular venues.

Social media stated “We can’t wait for the BIG 5 this APRIL 2022.
Visit our ticket links on

Ginger stated, “As our projects progress, we will keep you in the loop, we have some very exciting shares in the next few days!”

Keep tabs on #jackandginger and don’t miss out on the next show in your hometown.

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