Ronan Keating, Gary Player and Citadel raise R2 million for SA kids.

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Irish musical superstar, Ronan Keating, golf legend, Gary Player, and wealth management specialists, Citadel, recently held their annual charity fundraiser where they raised a remarkable R2-million in aid of sick, vulnerable, and impoverished children in South Africa. Citadel has hosted this event annually since 2018.

Keating, best known for the Notting Hill mega-hit “When you say with nothing at all,” wowed guests with some of his greatest hits and encouraged them to open their hearts to benefit South African children in need. The beneficiaries are the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit in Cape Town and the Blair Atholl Pre-Primary School in Johannesburg. All of the proceeds will be managed and distributed by the Citadel Philanthropy Foundation to ensure both beneficiaries can maximise the impact of each rand received.

“South Africa is one of those places that creeps into your heart and never leaves, but it’s also a country where many children face unimaginable challenges which is why I am so passionate about helping children living with cancer. I’m grateful to both Gary Player and Citadel for partnering with me on a cause so close to my heart,” says Keating.

Keating and Player have forged a close-knit relationship over the years and use their reputations and opportunities afforded to them to make a meaningful difference. “When Vivienne and I started the Blair Atholl Pre-Primary School on our farm in 1990, little did we know that it would make such a difference in the lives of so many children and give them a strong foundation for the rest of their school careers. Being able to support Ronan and Citadel to raise as much money as possible is a highlight on my annual calendar,” says Player.


Citadel CEO, Andrew Möller, says that the key to making an impactful difference in a country facing so many challenges is through sustainable and structured philanthropy.

“Raising and donating money is one element, but ensuring that money gets the maximum return on social impact is what is essential, and that is what Citadel Philanthropy is in the business of doing. To know that both beneficiaries can make a remarkable difference as a direct result of this money is the reason we put so much into this event,” says Möller.

Head of Oncology at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Professor Alan Davidson, explains that providing the best public medical treatment for their patients comes at a cost and that donations like these go a long way in maintaining the day-to-day operations and equipment, but is also allocated towards educational research and treatment, of which the hospital is one of the leaders in Africa.

Davidson, comments “Proud as we are of the work that we do, we are keenly conscious of the enormous burden that a cancer diagnosis places on a family. I can’t over emphasize how much we appreciate the ongoing commitment of our community and friends to support the children and help us maintain an environment that contributes to healing. Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic we can reflect positively on the ability of our dedicated team to deliver excellent care and achieve great outcomes in adverse circumstances.”

Photo Credit : Zoon Cronje

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