Jaziel Brothers – Crazy

The sensational and humble duo is back with a new single tittled “Crazy.”
OK, look … ever felt like some great passion fills up your inner being, captured in the embrace of one who might not understand when you say “I love you”, the one who might not understand when you say their eyes control your very soul?

Well, here is a love picture painted on airs and rhythms that will win you the love you are dying for. The most phenomenal thing about this single is the language it is sang in, it is known that a person can only fully articulate themselves best in their mother tongue hence this song lays the bare love and paints a clear picture of LOVE, a beautiful

Grab your person and hold them close like you will never let them go, show them love so much that the next person will think you are Crazy, here is an invite to a place of love from the Brothers with love to you and yours.

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