Howie Combrink – I See You.


Howie Combrink premiers his emotionally fueled new single and video, ‘I See You’, drawing attention to the hard-heartedness of abuse and human trafficking.

After releasing his critically acclaimed single, ‘The City’, back in 2020, singer-songwriter and producer, Howie Combrink joined forces with RADA, a non-profit organization, releasing his new single, ‘I See You’ along with the official music video.

Howie Combrink is no stranger to the South African music scene and is known to his fans and music lovers for his up-tempo folk-pop tunes. Produced by Howie Combrink himself, ‘I See You’ offers the kind of reassurance needed in challenging times. The song unfolds with emotive and anthemic sound which includes haunting string arrangements, pounding drums and acoustics. Combrink delivers a spirited vocal performance that perfectly captures the touching message at the heart of the song.

‘I See You’ celebrates defeating the odds despite the challenges faced along the way.

“‘I See You’ is a song about empathy and understanding.  Communicating with a girl who has gone through trauma and abuse, recognizing the pain she has endured, understanding her difficulties and offering her the reassurance that no matter what happens she is not alone,” says Combrink.

The song inspires individuals to embrace life despite what they are going through or what their circumstances are.  It encourages people to move forward, progressing one step at a time each day and to make the decision to rise up, take responsibility and live their best life.

‘I See You’ forms part of RADA’s third music album ‘RADA Unearthed Vol.2’, released through RADA Inspirational. The full album will be available on 11 May 2022, featuring well known and new local artists.

The song was co-written with Craig Hinds, Howie’s previous band member and front man of Watershed. “I co-wrote the song with my ex-bandmate Craig Hinds, which we did remotely due to lockdown restrictions at the time. Upon completion of the chords and lyrics, ideas were sent on to J-P Nobrega, CEO of RADA.  J-P and I spent hours on the phone discussing the subject of abuse and trafficking and how this is a very real problem occurring worldwide. Gender-based violence and human trafficking is a topic we want to bring attention to whilst also creating awareness of the work that RADA is doing in vulnerable communities.”

The music video for the song, directed by Sevven and Howie Combrink, beautifully dramatizes the song’s narrative. Combrink and Sevven created a cinematic and soul-stirring video which is an up-close portrait of a character facing an abusive and traumatic past.

Featuring a captivating performance from actor, Riza Gene-Botes, the visual continues the track’s life-affirming message of discovering hidden strengths in troubled times.

Howie’s previously released single, ‘Believe’, featured on ‘RADA Unearthed Vol.1’ was a nationwide hit in 2017.  ‘Believe’ was written and released with RADA.  The royalty earnings assigned to RADA from the song, have gone towards assisting a facility that makes a daily difference to the lives of children.  “That is huge for me,” says Howie. “I realized how important these songs are and the impact my music is having on the lives of others. The better the song does, the more royalties it earns, enabling RADA to assist and help more communities in South Africa.  That is now my driving force, to write and release more”, Combrink explains.

Howie’s music is filled with empathy and conviction. ‘I See You’ reveals even more of Combrinks’ artistry… he further cements his growing reputation as one of the strongest contemporary forces in music.

Subversive, emotive and profound, immerse yourself in the world of ‘I See You’.

Howie Combrink concludes with an emboldened message, “Stay positive despite the times we live in and the problems we face around the world, follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it.”

More exciting news to come very soon.

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