Kovini Moodley a catalyst for women empowerment through Boss Babes

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Kovini Moodley Sandton, based Chartered Accountant is leading women empowerment through her philanthropic and skills sharing movement known as Boss Babes of South Africa.

Boss Babes of South Africa celebrates powerful, authentic and multifaceted women and embraces diversity, inclusion and the notion that women can excel at anything that they choose to put their minds to.

Moodley, a mental health advocate has utilized the platform to also drive awareness on this topic, through collaborations with trained professionals, in hope of destigmatizing it.

This proudly South African all female empowerment movement has been making waves over the last 2 years and has grown to over 22000 followers on Instagram, 18000 on LinkedIn and over 7000 on Facebook. Boss Babes is celebrating two years on the 1st March 2022, since its inception.  

From humble beginnings to empowering great minds, Moodley aims to inspire the next generation of female powerhouses. She enjoys lending her voice to issues that can be described as ‘bigger than her’. She believes that this path chose her as she has always utilised her voice for good ventures that add value to the world.  

“We believe that women empowerment is innate and knowing your self-worth, value and power is key to being able to contribute in a tangible way towards empowering our community of women,” expresses Moodley.

Moodley grew up in Shallcross a small town south of Durban. She has always aspired for greatness and believes that her modest beginnings helped pave the way for her success to date. She is an advocate for education and believes that education is a game changer for young South Africans.

Boss Babes community is filled with brilliant minds (doctors, lawyers, pilots, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and a host of specialists across diverse industries) who are committed and obsessed with empowering and inspiring other women.

Some interesting facts about Boss Babes:

• Movement was started in March 2020

• Nationwide presence

• The movement celebrates multifaceted women of South Africa

• Following: 22 k on Instagram

• Following: 18k on LinkedIn

• Following 7 k on Facebook

• The community is largely made up of professional women including, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives and a host of various professionals who are committed to skill sharing

• The term “Boss Babe” is representative of a strong mindset and will to succeed.

• CEO and founder is a mentor for young Chartered Accountants and a proud mental health advocate

• Platform inspires audiences daily

• Influential guests contribute to insightful and candid conversations

• Boss Babes is a leading inspirational platform in SA based on current stats and engagement ratios

• It is free to sign up and contribute your skills

“We as women of South Africa need to celebrate all facets, this includes embracing various and strengths in collaboration to be the very best versions of ourselves. As human beings we each possess unique skills and strengths and a big part of being alive is about identifying and exploring the best ways that we can contribute to society, “added Moodley.

All women that contribute to the platform do so selflessly and free of charge. In 2022 Boss Babes spearheaded by Moodley hopes to partner with leading brands and use education to inspire and change lives. 

For more information, visit www.bossbabesofsouthafrica.co.za

Connect with Boss babes:

Facebook: Boss Babes of South Africa

LinkedIn: Boss Babes of South Africa

Instagram: @bossbabesofsouthafrica 

Website:  www.bossbabesofsouthafrica.co.za      

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