Armand Joubert covers the Queen of Pop, Madonna!


He is no stranger to the South African music scene. Known for that incredible 5 octave range, energetic live performances and impeccable sense of style, AJ has proved himself time and time again with songs like So Gone, Sun Back, Should I, Better for Me, Wish You Well and Burning Fire that he is an artist in his own right.

Armand kicks off the year differently this time around. He covers the Queen of Pop, Madonna, with his version of the iconic 90’s pop banger “Ray of Light”. The titled album Ray of Light was Madonna’s bestselling album of her career and the song itself has catapulted her career to the next level with more than 16 million copies sold worldwide. That same era also showed a much deeper, sincere and honest Madonna than ever before and made fans even love her more.

When Armand was asked why he decided to cover Ray of Light and release it as his first single for 2022, the 26 year old answered proudly: “For the first time in my life, I feel like I have matured. I feel like there was a shift on my birthday last year on the 21st of July. I’ve been through a lot in my life and have had to endure a lot of painful situations. But, I used that in the past to make people feel sorry for me and played the victim for way too long. I guess it was my way of dealing with my own struggles and abandonment issues but it had to end. “Ray of Light” has been that song for me, for the last 5 years that made me feel
liberated and gave me hope, a sense of freedom that everything was going to be okay. And every time I picked up my guitar, I’d start playing and singing it as loud as I possibly could. So I decided that in 2022 I want to share my version of this song with my audience and hopefully they can feel that same spiritual freedom when they listen to it, like when I’m singing it. This song has honestly given me the opportunity to step into my higher self and know that I’m responsible for the way I feel and how others see me. So grow up Armand”

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