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If you haven’t heard the name Soulful Itumeleng before, it’s time to get acquainted with this poetic singer-songwriter who has landed on the South African scene with her new single entitled “I Found Love”. Her artistry transcends the norm and lives in the space of the spoken word infused into rhythmic lyrics in a modern soulful, deep house classic as in her new single. Influences of sultry jazz Amapiano can be found in this new single allowing it to breathe new life into the ever-popular genre.

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She describes her music as a “purposeful creation dedicated to love” and her single, “I Found Love” shines the essence of this beautiful endeavour. Although her career experience includes work in industries such as the culinary fine arts and education, she believes her soul’s life purpose is to devote her creator’s given gifts to the highest understanding and celebration of love – one step at a time. She has endured unexpected and unpleasant challenges but believes that existence lives in duality. When external circumstances offer her sorrow, she chooses internal healing and outlines the fruits of this healing process in her music. Her continued growth in the industry will highlight the way in which she hopes her music will have a positive impact on listeners and beyond.

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Born and raised in what she describes as the fertile potent land of Tembisa, her upbringing was steeped in the unconditional love her grandparents continued to show her which created the foundation for her life.

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Instagram: @soulful_itumeleng

Facebook: @Soulful1tumeleng

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