International Interview with Joseph Millson.

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Being a young 47-year young superstar, tell us a bit about your growing up in Berkshire and your talent for performing grew?

Hi, well growing up in deep, dark Berkshire, in a country pub and then on a farm, acting and theatre were not on anybody’s immediate radar. But I had incredibly liberal and encouraging parents. When the bug eventually bit they helped all they could. 

When did you appear on television first?  Tell us about your first ever movie / series you appeared in, and how was that experience.

My first TV roles were in a couple of long forgotten sit-coms for Channel 4 here in the UK. My first ever day on a TV set was a night shoot, with one line and the leading actress was incredibly rude to me! Who knew I’d end up doing such wonderful shows as The Last Kingdom on Netflix. My first feature film was a little known indie film called CASINO ROYALE starring an up and coming newcomer called Daniel Craig. Whatever happened to him? I broke my collar bone performing my one stunt but it was an incredible experience.

You acted in so many movies from Casino Royale, The Dead 2, Devil’s Bridge, Tango One and so many more.  How do you balance your celebrity life with your personal life?

Trust me, there is no ‘celebrity’ in my day to day experience. Since COVID there is no ’normal’ it seems. Our jobs as actors and writers seem as uncertain as most other professions. 

Stage performances, you have done them all! If you must choose one…. Television or Stage, which one would you prefer and why?

I feel its a bit like being asked, do you prefer eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, to which my answer would be, “I just like eating.” its the same with my work, film, TV or theatre, I just like acting.

The big reason for this interview, is about your new short film, CARE. Where did this idea come from, and give us a bit of information pertaining to this project of yours?

During lockdowns 1 and 2 here in Uk I began an online masters degree in screenwriting. On one module we had to write a short film and i found myself drawn to a time a few years ago when work as an actor dried up completely and to pay rent and feed my kids i took on a job in a cocktail bar by night and retrained as a carer for the elderly by day. The caring work was such a revelation, a tonic. Hard graft but it taught me a lot. One client in particular lifted my spirits every day. I combined this with an older version of myself from twelve years or more ago when i was lost in a dark divorce and custody battle. I imagined a man like I was then having to work as a carer, and lost in a battle on his phone, disconnected. But the wonderful funny man he is caring for forces him into the moment and connection and kindness re-enter his life, however briefly. Its funny, hopeful and uplifting. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. My wife ( the actress Sarah-jan Potts) and I made a short film of hers together last year ( search ’The Magician. (4K) on youtube) and its been a huge success but this one, called CARE requires a little more cast, crew, equipment and location hire etc etc. Please please visit our kickstarter page and help if you possibly can, I’ve recorded a short video there that explains it all far more eloquently.

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Except for television and theatre, what other talents do you have?

HAHA. Erm, skateboarding, I’m not bad, been doing it all my life.

Who is your most favorite celebrity and why?

Jack Nicholson. It’s the joy he seems to take in his work.

Any future plans to make a trip to South Africa?  Maybe a film planned to be shot in sunny SA?

YES PLEASE! I’ve never been. I love travelling with work. Filming has taken me all over the world but not SA yet!

Please tell us more about writing “Work and other 4 letter words” and was it a challenging or cathartic experience for you?

The cheapest, but longest therapy I’ve ever known. Ha! It was an incredible experience. I made a commitment to total honesty which I think people who read it have found refreshing, and amusing, but it did cost a bit at times. Its one of my proudest achievements, it was briefly a best seller and I still get lovely reviews and comments today. Please do grab it on Amazon over there.

How important do you believe it is for established artists such as yourself to be part of training up the next generations of artists, giving them life and industry lessons, doing workshops etc?

“You have to send the elevator back down. “ as Jack Lemon said. It’s essential. Sarah-Jane and I both work with several drama Schools and do one to one online work with actors, young and old, We love it. we encourage, enable, demystify and amuse. Its wonderful, and now global, so any actors over there we can work with you too, please reach out to Sarah-Jane or I on the old insta or twitter. I highly recommend a very affordable online drama school called ICAT.

Huge thanks to Collett Dawson from The CoLab Network for facilitating this interview for GaloreSA.

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