Joshua na die Reën’s latest single serves as a reminder of how closely we are connected to God and nature.


Multi-acclaimed musician, Joshua na die Reën, has mastered the art of captivating listeners with his music and his latest single, ARENDE, is a perfect example of this unique skill.

This contemporary track, written by the artist himself, remains true to the sound and style that he known for and combines soulful lyrics and a striking melody to create an unforgettable end-result.

“The idea for the song was born during a holiday in Spain with my family and in-laws. We stayed on top of a mountain and had a beautiful view. The eagles captured my imagination,” he shares. “It also reminded me of Hoekwil in South Africa with its green grass, blue skies, forests, mountains, streams and trees, including a giant yellowwood tree. I have often wondered what the tree’s internal rings look like and if the tree knows about the eagles.”

According to the singer, this experience made him realize how closely we are connected to God, people and nature and that is what the song is about. “As I get to know God better, I realize that He is part of each aspect of the universe and wants to be part of our lives,” he explains. “I hope that someday my internal rings will also speak of commitment, unity and an awareness of everything around me. Just like the Eagles, Yellowwoods and everything else in God’s creation.”

ARENDE, which is set to be a fan favourite, is now available on all digital platforms.
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