Ashlinn Gray takes to the wilderness to record her music video for Tshirt – bringing the song’s world to life.


It’s been almost a year since Ashlinn Gray released new music to the world, but with the release of her latest single titled ‘Tshirt’, released late October, the singer is pulling out all the stops. A love song that explores the heavy topic of long distance relationships has already received mass airplay on South African radio and to top it off, Ashlinn brings the story to life in her newly released music video for the song. 

Produced exclusively by the singer herself, the video was shot at Big Bear Lake, a couple hours away from Los Angeles, showcasing the beautiful landscape and capturing the heartbreaking nature of the song on one hand juxtaposed by its hopeful nature on the other. 

Ashlinn says, “This is my first music video that I have solely produced. It was really exciting to be my own executive producer and creative director, bringing my concept to life. It started with an idea of a bed in the middle of the desert but quickly transformed into a bed surrounded by sheets blowing in the wind. The sheets represent memories you shared with your loved one, as you wait patiently, in his Tshirt of course, for him to come home. When I first thought about the music video for the song I saw linen sheets blowing around in my head and the final product is great representation of that.” The free flowing characteristic of the video, together with the sense of longing, pairs perfectly with the song itself. The song is a raw and honest portrayal about the reality of long distance relationships and is a deeply personal song for the artist. It is the first of the songwriter’s songs that explores the notion of romantic love, as she has always steered from writing typical love songs in the past. Though straying from her normal disposition, ‘Tshirt’ is anything but a typical love song. It is lyrically heartfelt, thunderously tuneful and optimistically hopeful.

The video was shot by Kingdom Kome Productions, who really helped to bring the story to life.

Ashlinn concludes, “It was a crazy two day shoot but I enjoyed every second of it. We literally built a 150kg brass bed frame on location and set up a dreamy bedroom next to a lake. We were even greeted by some friendly wolves just before we started shooting. I loved partnering with Kingdom Kome Productions, who clearly saw and understood my vision. I really love the end result and I hope my fans enjoy the experience of the video too.” 

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