It’s all about love at first sight and taking chances in Posduif’s latest single.

“The song is about love at first sight and putting yourself out there,” says POSDUIF’s lead singer, James Boland about the meaning behind their latest single, STELLENBOSCH SOMERSAAND, which has just been released.

The single, written by Boland, Nick Jordaan and Nathan Woodman, is a feel-good pop song with an 80’s influence and was produced by Brendan Campbell and mixed by Hugo Ludik.

“Stellenbosch is such a beautiful town. From the people to the buildings. We wanted to write a song that represented that beauty and personify it by adding a love interest and familiar places,” adds James. “It is one of our favourite tracks to perform live and is a unique Afrikaans song with a nostalgic feel to it.”

In true POSDUIF fashion their latest single will appeal to listeners of all ages and will invite them to sing and dance along to the catchy beat.

STELLENBOSCH SOMERSAAND is available on the group’s newly released debut album, Niks Vergelyk, and follows in the successful footsteps of the titular track and Herinner My, which was not only well received, but also featured on the charts of various radio stations.

The group consists of Boland, Nick Jordaan (guitarist and vocalist), Amiel Gopal (bassist), Brendan Campbell (produer and lead guitarist) and Nick McCreadie on drums.

In addition to promoting their new album and performing as much as possible, the band is working on material for their second album and planning many new exciting ventures for the future.

POSDUIF has always had a knack for expressing thoughts and feelings in an easy-listening and relatable way, and STELLENBOSCH SOMERSAAND is no exception.

The popular group will be performing with a list of sought after artists at Bok Radio’s BILTONG FESTIVAL in Sandringham on 4 & 5 December.  If you are in the area, book your tickets now at

The song is available on their album Niks Vergelyk which is available on all digital platforms. Download it here:


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