Ben Dey releases his much-anticipated solo debut album ‘In Flow’.


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Born in the rural villages of Limpopo, ‘In Flow’ is defining work for Ben Dey. ‘In Flow’ is steeped in traditional African folklore and seeks to capture the mysticism of the continent. The title is an acknowledgement to the fundamental process of creation and seeks to merge inner and outer worlds. ‘In Flow’ is grounded in the idea that truth is fundamentally simple and uncomplicated, and as such, the songs are more spontaneous improvisations than planned arrangements.

With the release of the album, Ben unveils the beautiful music video for ‘Red Dawn’ – another track from the album.

Watch the music video for ‘Red Dawn’ below :

Working with a team of incredible talents, ‘In Flow’ is a collaborative piece featuring different artists and producers from the Limpopo region. The album is rooted in friendship and consequently grounded in the principles of Ubuntu. The songs are an emergent consequence of synchronous moments in time and space. Consequently, the album is an invitation to work with nature and find paths through or around challenges – without resorting to force.

The songs on the album were structured in informal studio spaces in Limpopo and were later mixed and mastered at Sunset Recording Studios in Franschoek, Cape Town.

A selection of specially picked singles were unveiled ahead of the album’s release, which gave listeners a colourful mixed sound buffet of what to expect from the album:

Ben’s cover of ‘Natural Mystic’ was the first track to be released from the album and is a tribute to Bob Marley.

Ben then unveiled ‘Honour’, surprising fans with a sound and music video that quickly became the most popular single released from the album to date. ‘Honour’ is an afro spiritual, flow house song that pays homage to indigenous wisdoms. It reminds us to look deeper into the invisible architecture of life, as despite the lure of materialism, true meaning and purpose are often found in the intangible. “It is a great pleasure to feature my friends, the ‘Mutual Brothers’, on the track”, says Ben. Ben met the producer duo during his stay in Limpopo and worked with them on a few songs, some of which have now been included on the songwriter’s upcoming album, ‘In Flow’.

The 3rd single released once-again celebrated traditional local sounds as Ben drops ‘I & I’. He delves into the single itself saying, “’I and I’ is an explorative piece that draws on traditional Sepedi melodies to create visual textures of rural life. It emerges from the central connecting theme of the album to provide subtle variation, mirroring the ebb and flow of life. ‘I and I’ is a way to the way (Lao Tzu),” explains Ben on the inspiration and meaning behind the single.

‘Only Takes a Minute’ followed fourth in line as the last single to be released ahead of the album and on this pop single, Ben worked with gospel singer/songwriter, Innocent Mabushe.

Innocent and Ben have known each other the longest out of the talented group of producers who have worked on the ‘In Flow’ album. Innocent was the one who introduced Ben to the rest of the producers featured on the album and Ben also stayed with Innocent at his home in Limpopo during the writing process. ‘Only Takes a Minute’ was produced by Innocent, who also played the keyboard on the track.

With the full album out now and all 10 songs revealed, Ben hopes the album is as easy and fun to listen to as it was making it.

“We had a lot of fun on this,” says Ben. “Nothing felt. laboured or forced. We found a flow.”

‘Ben Dey – In Flow’ album track listing

  1. Honour (feat. Mutual Brothers)
  2. Can’t stop the feeling (feat. Innocent, Zac Overdose and Tye Waves)
  3. Something in the Movement (feat. Tye Waves, Rough Child)
  4. I and I (feat. Tye Waves, Zac Overdose)
  5. Red dawn (feat. Tye Waves, Rough Child)
  6. Soldiers of the Light (feat. Innocent)
  7. Natural Mystic (feat. Mutual Brothers)
  8. Only takes a minute (feat. Innocent)
  9. This is the year (feat Tye Waves, Rough Child)
  10. Natural Mystic (Olly Vans Studio mix)
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