Music video for new Kerry B single, Jealous, now available!

JEALOUS, the powerful new pop anthem by talented singer-songwriter, Kerry B is currently charting on several radio stations across the country. The track explores the intricacies of jealousy and its transformative potential.

An equally impressive music video, which adds a visually stunning dimension to the hit, has just been released and is now available online.

This video transports viewers to an enthralling world, weaving together Kerry B’s resilient persona with the intriguing visuals of the abandoned old farmhouse at Estate d’Afrique.

The project was a collaborative venture led by visionary Gerduan Kemp. Although she did not have a clear concept of what the video should be, the artist was resolute about filming it at the old farmhouse.

“I am drawn to old, abandoned buildings. Like I’m there for a reason. It’s surrealistic and somehow hypnotic. I fell in love with the place when I moved here. I didn’t realize it then, but I want to memorialise the building now and a music video is a great way to do that,” she explains.

The building’s historical resonance, distinctive architecture, and air of mystery contribute to the video’s magnetic visuals.

Kemp’s imaginative concepts and artistic vision breathed life into the project, echoing the exhilaration of artistic sparks ignited by the fusion of music and creativity.

JEALOUS conveys a powerful message of strength and bravery. The video enhances this theme by portraying Kerry B as a tenacious individual who stands up for herself and achieves remarkable feats.

She adds: “The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, so I was able to get into the zone easily. We wanted to convey the message that I am a strong and courageous individual that can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am incredibly thankful to Lyle Crebo and Sonja de Reuck for allowing us to film the video on their property.”

Watch the video here:

Beyond her music endeavours, this talented woman is actively engaged in various projects and has an exciting lineup for the rest of the year, which includes as many shows as possible and a special getaway for her birthday and anniversary in October.

Born in Krugersdorp, Kerry B’s deep connection to music has been a constant throughout her life.

Despite initial discouragement, she pursued formal musical training, learning piano, vocals, and music theory.

Her talent was discovered serendipitously, leading her to launch her part-time music tutoring business.

In addition to her career as a musician, she is also a full-time music teacher, fuelling her passion for music and inspiring others with her exceptional abilities.

JEALOUS marks the next exciting step in Kerry B’s career and further cements her spot in the local music scene.

The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Download it here:






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