Skys a Blu’s star rises with latest release Sunrise featuring DJ Fresh SA and Nocturnal Tunes


Following the resounding success of her previous release, If I Could, Skys a Blu makes a return with her newest single, Sunrise. This summer anthem features a dynamic collaboration with none other than South African music and radio legend, DJ Fresh SA, and producer Nocturnal Tunes.

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Clocking in at 4 minutes and 23 seconds, Sunrise invites listeners on an immersive voyage through a tapestry of vibrant melodies, pulsating beats, and unforgettable lyrics. This track’s seamless fusion of pop, house, and dance genres effortlessly conjures the atmosphere of sun-soaked mornings and boundless summer horizons.

“I grew up listening to DJ Fresh as a teenager who really paved the way for South African house and melodic house music, he was a huge inspiration to me. Fast forward to my first ever release “Summer Rain” on radio, DJ Fresh dropped the exclusive on the 5fm Fresh drive.

“And now five years later we are working together on my new track called Sunrise and we have two remixes to follow. Words truly can’t do justice to the feeling and journey. It’s been an absolute honor for me. I can’t wait for people to hear this track, expresses Skys a Blu.

The lyrical narrative of Sunrise extols the jubilation of embracing each new day with unbridled enthusiasm and optimism. Crafted by the prodigious Nocturnal Tunes and brought to life by Skys a Blu’s soul-stirring vocals, the lyrics paint an evocative portrait of savoring life’s simplest joys and treasuring the moments of liberation that summer bestows. This sentiment is exquisitely complemented by the song’s arrangement, which beautifully captures the warmth of a rising sun and the allure of new adventures.

Sunrise stands as a testament to the creative synergy between Skys a Blu, DJ Fresh SA, and Nocturnal Tunes. Their harmonious fusion results in a seamless sonic tapestry, ensuring the track’s universal appeal. Whether enjoyed at a beachfront soirée, as the backdrop to a cross-country road trip, or simply as the soundtrack to a languid summer afternoon, Sunrise is a musical odyssey that encapsulates the very spirit of the season and etches an indelible mark.

Skys a Blu has embarked on an exciting new chapter in her career following her transition from the persona of Kyla Nicole. As she gears up for the release of her debut project, her unique sound has garnered praise from audiences both at home and abroad, earning recognition for its distinctive and captivating qualities. With upcoming collaborations slated for later this year, including notable names like DJ Sbu and Yolophonik, fans can anticipate an abundance of fresh and compelling music from this emerging R&B sensation.

Sunrise is now available for streaming on all major music streaming platforms, and its accompanying music video, set to release in the ensuing weeks, promises to be an immersive visual spectacle that perfectly complements the essence of the song.

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