Angie oeh – SPOOR: The last lyrics she recorded


Angie oeh’s last recording Spoor was recorded by Peach van Pletzen at Planet Awesome less than two weeks before she lost her life to cancer.

This track is released as two versions in a short EP titled For Angie.

The track Vir Angie is a collaboration with Van Pletzen and Spoor is the stand-alone Angie oeh single.

The last lyrics she recorded are “ons lewe is net ‘n spoor” (our lives are just a footprint), which is true of Angie’s short life on earth and in the music industry. In some of her voice notes to Peach, she said that this was her “best work yet”.

In the last two months before her death, Angie and Peach were working together on music for a new Afrikaans series on Showmax which will be broadcasted at a later date.

“We both really enjoyed the process, and although she was very ill (she thought it was pneumonia) she never missed studio sessions. She also sat next to me and recorded and not in the booth like in the past. She was determined and insisted on working,” says Peach of Pletzen.

Peach noticed something remarkable during these last sessions:

“I started to see and hear more of the real Angie in her vocals and lyrics and less of Angie oeh. It was as if the buffer of the project freed her in a way from her own ideas around “Angie oeh” and she was able to channel her true self with rawness, honesty and genuine depth,” says Peach.


Peach van Pletzen originally created the music for Spoor when he was 24. After struggling to write a melody to match the music, he handed the music over to 24-year-old Angie oeh and she wrote and recorded the chorus onto the 14-year-old track.

Peach says: “14 years later, Angie came to sing on it. She was also 24 years old. A fact that only occurred to me when I was driving home from the hospital on the evening of August 19th after she passed away.”

The morning after Oeh’s passing on August 19, Van Pletzen went back to Planet Awesome and recorded a tribute to Angie on Spoor and titled it Vir Angie. This collaboration is a deep and personal expression of Van Pletzen’s loss after being by Oeh’s side at the time of her passing. The two worked together on Angie’s EP’s, Sex in Afrikaans and Mooiste Meisies and have since become good friends.

Van Pletzen states that Angie was different in the studio before her passing. She was more confident in her approach and less critical of her own music than she had been in the past.


There is a lot of vulnerability in sharing Spoor with the public. The track was created by two close friends in a loving space, with music created by both artists in their 24th year. Many years of life and experience went into this final Angie oeh project and both artists were proud and excited to release Spoor.

Oeh and Van Pletzen had already worked together before her first cancer-related operation in 2022. At the time of the recording of Spoor, it was still assumed that Angie oeh had pneumonia. Her diagnoses of stage 4 lung cancer was made six days after her last recording session at Planet Awesome.

Both tracks are released as a tribute to Angie oeh and also as a gift to her family, friends and fans.

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