Ginger Rock in collaboration with her two favorite sponsors YBY Sparkling wine and Bosky Salon will ROCK the SHE campaign.

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Ginger Rock in collaboration with her two favorite sponsors, YBY Sparkling wine and Bosky Salon, will ROCK the SHE campaign from 5 September 2023 till 31 October 2023. 

The concept came after a very successful Women’s month run with the Piza e Vino franchise, in collaboration with YBY Sparkling wine, focusing on our ladies, making memories and celebrating life in general. 

Ginger, and her partner Phil Davel, will yet again bring some interesting moves to this project as only they can! 

The SHE campaign will involve some spectacular transformations, share some beauty secrets, give you insight on Gingi’s daily routine, share her journey, highlights and the importance of self care, friendship, fashion and affiliations. 

Followers can expect some FANCY specials from Bosky Salons and some more WOW WOW WOW when it comes to the beauty side, LADIES! 

Gingi firmly believe that every women deserves to look and feel like a goddess 24 hours, seven days a week. Self care promotes self-confidence and you don’t have to break-the-bank to achieve it. In collaboration with her friends from Bosky Salons they will make sure the WOW specials drops!  

Follow the social media pages, as it will be limited!!! 

We will keep you posted and as we always say… Watch this space…

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