Gia Grace SA’s 9 year old international superstar ready for NYFW and LFW

Gia Grace SA’s 9-year-old prodigy model phenomenon was selected to participate in two of the largest fashion events in the world, New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

Introducing the amazingly talented fashion model, aspiring actor, and commercial model Gia Grace Jardim. 

Nine-year-old Gia is already setting high goals for herself. When she adorns the runway for fashion shows, she is a lot of fun to see and mesmerises audiences with her grace and rhythmic moves. Her confident demeanour, outspoken smile on her cheeks, and distinctive stance make her stand out.

She adored dressing up and continually posing for shots, which led to her early passion of modelling.

She has achieved success as a model, making her a unique find in society. Gia has been living in her world and attempting to etch a way into people’s hearts using her magnificent talent.

The most prominent fashion show in the world, New York Fashion Week, included her.

in addition to walking the runways for well-known South African design houses. 

In her own words, Gia Grace Jardim is “bold and ambitious.” 

Gia has been invited to visit the two most prestigious fashion weeks in the world alongside other well-known celebrities to present at New York Fashion and London Fashion Week in September 2023.

She is more flexible and diverse in commercial, television, film and photography.

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