Meet Neolodics: The New South African Duo Captivating Audiences With Their Debut Single, ‘Undefeated’


Meet Neolodics – an electrifying duo made up of The Voice SA finalist, Vernon Barnard and gifted songwriter Leon Vermaak. The duo is thrilling music enthusiasts with their highly anticipated debut single, “Undefeated,” now available for streaming. This dynamic fusion of Vernon’s commanding vocals and Leon’s poignant songwriting promises an unforgettable musical journey that will captivate hearts and inspire souls.

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Neolodics was born from the creative synergy discovered by Vernon and Leon, who joined forces two years ago after a chance meeting through a mutual friend. United by their passion for music and a shared vision, the duo embarked on a journey that led to the inception of Neolodics, with Vernon taking on the role of the charismatic lead vocalist and Leon wielding his talent as an evocative songwriter.

Vernon’s own rise to international acclaim is nothing short of remarkable. Despite facing the challenges of being born with glaucoma, which eventually left him blind, Vernon’s unwavering determination and extraordinary vocal prowess have propelled him to the forefront of the music scene. His unforgettable audition on “The Voice,” which garnered nearly 30 million views on YouTube, and subsequent success as a finalist on the show, solidified his status as a captivating recording artist. Following his triumphant appearance on “The Voice,” Vernon signed a major record deal and released multiple chart-topping singles, establishing himself as a prominent independent artist.

Leon, a gifted songwriter with a knack for crafting compelling lyrics and unforgettable melodies, brings his unique perspective and creative brilliance to the Neolodics project. His ability to channel intense emotions into his work has led to the creation of songs that leave a lasting impact and resonate deeply with audiences.

Their debut single, “Undefeated,” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unity. Penned by Leon during a period of personal struggle, the song seamlessly weaves together heartfelt emotion and masterful lyrical artistry. “Undefeated” weaves a narrative of unwavering love and determination, inviting listeners to stand strong together and weather any storm. As an anthem of resilience and solidarity, the track is bound to strike a chord with those who refuse to succumb to life’s challenges.

“‘Undefeated’ is a song that truly resonates with my personal journey,” shares Vernon. “Life has thrown many challenges at me, but through music, I’ve found a creative outlet. This song encapsulates the power of resilience and unity. It’s about standing strong, not just as individuals, but together. I believe our listeners will find their own strength reflected in ‘Undefeated’.

Leon adds, “In creating ‘Undefeated,’ I tapped into a time in my life filled with personal struggles. The process was as cathartic as it was inspiring. The song represents the transformative power of adversity, turning it into a catalyst for strength and unity. Collaborating with Vernon, an artist of exceptional talent and spirit, has brought an emotional depth and authenticity to the music that I hope will resonate with listeners.”

Neolodics’ debut single, “Undefeated,” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Embark on a transformative musical journey and experience the undeniable magic of this captivating collaboration.

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