Geo & PJ Botha releases their first book, Word Ryk, Bly Ryk

“You don’t have to start your own business to create wealth,” write Geo and PJ Botha, popular presenters of the TV-series Welvaartskeppers (wealth creators), in their first book, Word Ryk, Bly Ryk.

PJ and Geo Botha, financial experts and co-hosts of the popular kykNET series, Welvaartskeppers, have just released their first book, Word Ryk, Bly Ryk, which is now available online and in all major bookstores nationwide.

In this insightful book, they teach ordinary South Africans how to make money in a challenging environment and make it grow.

The authors’ sound expert financial advice, aimed at cultivating good habits, directs your focus and supports you on your journey to wealth.

They also write that you don’t necessarily have to start your own business to create wealth. According to them, it is how you think about your finances that matters, and you’ll also quickly realize that wealth is about more than just money.

If you do have your own business, this book will remind you of the huge responsibility you have and emphasize the importance of listening to your clients and treating your employees like gold.

Every household should invest in a book like this, which is not only financially oriented but also emphasizes that your self-esteem, humility, and faith in yourself play a huge role in your finances.

Geo and PJ believe that one of the biggest mistakes families make regarding money is not talking about it. “By involving children in financial matters from a young age and explaining to them how a budget works, they learn how to deal with finances,” says PJ. Geo agrees: “My dad involved us in conversations about money from a young age, and it definitely had a huge impact on our lives.”

Topics like successful retirement, pensions, investments, trusts, wills, and determining the legacy you want to establish are also addressed in this remarkable publication.

This is definitely a book that you can make your own, and where you can search for strategies that resonate with you and take control of your financial future.

Geo is a strategic dreamer, interested in the psychology of decision-making. He currently resides in Stellenbosch with his wife and baby boy. The couple are avid hikers and cyclists and often participate in triathlons. They also enjoy traveling locally and abroad. Because he always strives to improve himself personally and professionally, Geo enjoys reading biographies and self-help books, and as a food lover, he enjoys cooking at home or trying new restaurants.

PJ is an analytical thinker that focuses on the technical aspects of finance. He lives in Pretoria with his wife and two children. He enjoys playing golf, as well as traveling and exploring remote places with his family. His future plans include constantly improving himself on a personal and professional level and adding value to his clients’ lives.

Word Ryk, Bly Ryk is now available in all good bookstores and online at:





ISBN: 978 1 77639 094 6 | PRICE: R250.00 | CATEGORY: Personal finances

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