Excitement is building as #ThisIsUs launch is only a few days to go.

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Excitement is definitely in the air as it’s only a few days until Ginger Rock and Phil Davel launch the #thisisus project at Piza e Vino Lynnwood.

The two have been extremely busy between media influencers and sponsors while also introducing new ones. 

Lita Premium Water joined forces with them as official sponsors and if you know these two well, you will understand that not just any water brand can hit the spot. 

The very professional look and amazing quality can most definitely be flagged as one of the #thisisus true obsessions. 

Ginger constantly makes followers aware of the importance of good quality water and the health benefits it brings. It seems like Lita Water is looking well after our lovebirds as you never see them without a bottle of water either in the hand or in the bag. 

The best thing about following these two on social media is watching the creative way they are making use of the sponsors and sponsored products by adding it to all their favorite things in life. 

As culinary runs deep, we watched Gingi and Phil jump into the heart and soul of Piza e Vino’s kitchen and created mouthwatering Piza and Pasta’s. They invited some media and influencers to experience some of the sponsored products and wined-and-dined them at the Piza e Vino Lynnwood branch. 

The love for the  Bruce Jack Wines collection runs deep. It’s true love! “Every single time we open a Bruce Jack we end up creating amazing memories” The two can’t wait to meet Bruce himself and get to know the history of the winery,winemaker and the process that brings so much joy into their lives. 

Pairing the products together brings the uniqueness to every single post the followers get to experience. Fitch and Leeds Ginger Beer made a huge impact a few days ago as effortless ideas get shared from her kitchen to ours. The most beautiful Spritzer pulled in the crown that we have to say is such a Ginger thing. It is fabulous to experience authentic recipes. 

The two met up with the Founders and Winemakers of the YBY Sparkling wine on Friday. The international brand  and origin blend well with them as its European status enhances the #thisisus Mediterranean focus.  European lifestyle most definitely fit these two like a glove as they are both semi fluent in German and French – another very good-to-know about Ginger and Phil. 

Hair Jewel Pretoria made sure the couple looked amazing for all the weekend Shenanigans. Featuring the Jewellery side of the business brings out the “other side” of the brand and must say, we all almost had an ” I told you so” moment. 

 BB Ford Menlyn will be one of the main features and sponsors on the day of the launch. They have paired cars that fit the personalities of the two.  Gingi’s Rock-and-Roll vibes gel well with the beast of the Raptor as the elegant persona of the Everest Ford Next Generation fits best with Phil.  Rumor has it that somewhere somehow the Ford Mustang’s will feature and pull some “Uptown girl” status. Can’t wait to see what they have planned.

Keep in the loop and watch this space for prize giveaways and lots, lots more. 

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  1. Awesomeness. So happy for them especially for Gingi the Lioness with the huge voice told only by her presence. Amazing lady.

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