Sarel Kleinhans’ debut album, TRANSKEI, is an omnibus of love stories!

Some people believe that love is just a misunderstanding between two fools. Most of the time, it’s because of the incomprehensible nature of love. Love cannot be explained in words because it is an experience – you must tell the whole story.

Sarel (Charel Kleinhans) debut album, TRANSKEI, is an omnibus of love stories. With the eight songs on the album, Sarel takes you on a journey where you will have to use more than just your ears. The colorful melodies and authentic lyrics will stimulate all your senses. It’s storytelling through music at its best!

One of those stories is the song TRANSKEI.

It’s 2017. After eight long months in America, Sarel’s wife is finally back home. After such a long time, it’s natural to be excited to have his wife back with him. She barely had time to put down her bags before they jumped into their beat-up car and hit the road from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape. Although the trip was an experience, the two could never have predicted the impression that the TRANSKEI would have on them.

As if the impression was so great that it would become the title track of Sarel’s debut album. “It was simply impossible not to write a song about the TRANSKEI,” says Sarel. Through his lyrics and music, he not only shares his thoughts about the TRANSKEI, but he also puts the listener in that moment and shares the experience with you.

Sarel, who already entered the music market earlier this year with his single, BLOMMETUIN, undoubtedly brings a new sound to Afrikaans music. Listeners can look forward to calming feel-good music that will stay with you for a long time.

In addition to Sarel’s Afrikaans songs, the album also surprises you with two English tracks, TRUST and BELIEVE, which further highlight Sarel’s versatility as a writer and artist.

Sarel explains that music has always been a part of his life, and that his father and family are the biggest inspiration for his music career. According to Sarel, George Ezra, Valiant Swart, and The Beatles are the artists who have had the greatest influence on his music.

All the songs on the album were written by Sarel. The production was handled by Tertius Human. The synergy between the two is striking, and the result is an album that will surely become a national treasure.

Sarel’s debut album, TRANSKEI, is now available on all digital platforms since December 2nd, 2022.

If it feels like all Afrikaans music follows the same recipe, we invite you to listen to Sarel’s album. There is a fresh sound that will surprise you and make you sit up and listen.




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