Serena Steinhauer: A Girl with a Dream

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Image Credits : Ted Ely

Prepare to be enthralled by the talent and charisma of Serena Steinhauer, the rising star hailing from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are thrilled to introduce Serena, a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Serena’s journey as a performer is a testament to her passion, dedication, and unyielding determination. With her musical capability, exciting stage presence, and an undeniable knack for storytelling, Serena has established herself as a multi-hyphenate performer; singer, actress, dancer and pianist.

Graduating from the renowned Berklee College of Music Summa Cum Laude, Serena has honed her craft, developing the art of using her voice, her instrument, to communicate emotions and connect with audiences on a profound level. Her unique vocal sound, combined with her innate ability to effortlessly slip into different characters, brings a sense of magic and authenticity to every performance.

Now, Serena is preparing to embark on her next grand adventure as she sets her sights on New York City. She is about to begin her Master of Fine Arts in Acting at PACE University’s Actor’s Studio Drama School, an institution that has nurtured countless talents including Bradley Cooper. With her unwavering commitment to her craft, Serena is eager to make her mark in the theatre capital of the world.

Serena’s journey transcends borders and cultures, as she brings a unique blend of South African spirit, international influences, and an insatiable hunger for growth to her life in the theatre. Galore SA Media is ecstatic to have Serena Steinhauer as part of our creative family and cannot wait to tag along for the adventure! Join us in celebrating Serena Steinhauer, the rising star from Johannesburg, as she sets off on her journey in making her dreams come to fruition.

Prepare to be inspired and moved as we watch Serena’s story unfold, one performance at a time!


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