Valiant Swart is back with a whole new album! Rondry, Fliek en die Buitelewe


New insight comes through observation and not through reasoning. Valiant Swart has, over the years, arrived at a new understanding of life precisely in this way. With a career spanning from 1988 and countless kilometres on the road, Valiant Swart has seen all sides of life. His new album, RONDRY, FLIEK EN DIE BUITELEWE, is a collection of character sketches infused with the pursuit of freedom.

The inspiration for the album comes from years of observing people and places. He explains that this collection of songs approaches life from all angles. Some themes touch on the pursuit of freedom, happiness, and fulfilment, while others explore the harder times in life.

From a musical standpoint, the music can be described as bittersweet but still upbeat. The music is joyful but also melancholic at times – true to good rock and roll music.

With RONDRY, FLIEK EN DIE BUITELEWE, Swart (known for his rock, country, and blues music) remains true to his musical style and adds new songs to his repertoire that will feel at home on the open road as well as around a campfire. The themes of the songs will awaken contentment within you and shift your worries aside.

Swart, who has gained great popularity over the years with songs like EYESHADOW, KLEINMOND KOEBAAI, JAKARANDASTRATE, and LIEFDE BY DIE DAM, explains that his greatest inspiration for music comes from his father. His love for lyrics is thanks to his mother, who instilled in him a love for written words. However, it is his wife who encourages him daily to continue doing what he loves after more than 30 years.

Earlier in his life, while living in Sunnyside (Pretoria), Swart’s path crossed with that of Koos Kombuis. Swart tells that he was already a big fan of Koos Kombuis’ music and poems at that stage. He took the opportunity to play some of the first songs he had written for Koos. Without hesitation, Koos hired him as his guitarist and took him under his wing. Koos acted as a mentor and taught Swart how to write lyrics and compose music.

Over time, Swart began to find his own voice. After completing his military service, he returned to Stellenbosch with a whole arsenal of new songs. Together with a schoolmate and a few musician friends, they formed the Valiant Swart Band. This marked the beginning of a career that would take Valiant across South Africa.

Since then, he and his musicians have performed at every rock festival: Houtstok in 1990, OppiKoppi, Rustler’s Valley, and Splashy Fen. Swart has also won numerous music awards over the years, including the SAMA (South African Music Award) he won with Ollie Viljoen for the album VUUR EN VLAM.
Valiant Swart’s travels, colourful career, writing prowess, and gift for composing bring his storytelling to life through music. His new album is born out of observation over the years. After more than 35 years on the road, listeners can look forward to hours of listening pleasure with RONDRY, FLIEK EN DIE BUITELEWE.

RONDRY, FLIEK EN DIE BUITELEWE will soon be available on all digital platforms.

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