Muller Brandt releases tongue-in-cheek new single about braaibroodjies


Braaibroodjies (toasted sandwiches prepared on the grill) are as unique to Afrikaans culture as milk tart and koeksisters and have inspired many creative recipes and videos.

Now this delicacy is back in the spotlight as the tongue-in-cheek subject of Muller Brandt’s latest single, BRAAIBROODJIES, which once again confirms that the way to an Afrikaner man’s heart definitely runs through his stomach!

This humorous track, that combines elements of blues, pop and rock, is about a guy who doubts whether his beautiful Crossfit-obsessed girlfriend (played by Nykie Pretorius from Op My Eish! Season 2) is the right one for him, because she can’t make braaibroodjies.

“She’s beautiful and all odds are in her favour, except for the fact that she can’t make braaibroodjies and to him that is a dealbreaker,” the musician explains about the song, which was produced by Jattie de Beer of Artistry Productions. “Braaibroodjies are synonymous to who we are as Afrikaners, and I wanted to write a song that is true to who we are. We also like to joke: ‘Can she make braaibroodjies?’, so the idea was based on that.”

In the music video, which is now also available, the main character then falls in love with another girl (played by the artist, Bibi) that makes the best braaibroodjies

The video was shot on location at Louis McLaren’s home in Silver Lakes. Deon Dee from Dee-Graaff Productions was the director and producer, while Wilhelm van der Westhuizen was responsible for the camera work.

“People will like the song, because it is upbeat and invites you to sing along,” he shares.

Watch the video here:

BRAAIBROODJIES is part of his debut album, Brand die Skepe, and follows in the footsteps of Wildebees and Moedertaal which were both very well received and got playlisted on several major radio stations. 

Muller Brandt was born and raised in Pretoria and has been working in the music industry for the past twelve years. His dad’s love of country music ignited his own passion for singing and he has never given up on his dream to be a fulltime musician.

Over the years, the thirty-year-old artist has had many career highlights, including winning Ontbytsake’s songwriter’s competition in 2023.

When asked about his plan for the future, he says that he is already working on his next single and plans on spending as much time on stage as possible in 2023.

BRAAIBROODJIES is now available on all digital platforms. Download it here:



Instagram: @c.muller_brandt


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