Zaan Sonnekus releases song inspired by his mothers last words.


On her deathbed, Zaan Sonnekus’s mother writes a few last poems. One of the lines reads: “monitor my guilt the health risk is fatal.” These words would later ignite the fire for Zaan Sonnekus’ new single, MONITOR.

All of us have feared being watched. In the modern world, it is getting easier and easier for someone to follow your actions. You are monitored on social media, at work, at school, and even more so when you do something that will end up in the public eye. You lose the sole right to your existence.

MONITOR tells the story of a couple who met under unfavorable circumstances. Although they were perfect for each other, the things around them worked against the relationship. Every time you share your heart or feelings with another it becomes theirs to MONITOR. Sometimes the responsibility of this is just too much as Zaan’s mother wrote, it is “fatal”.

MONITOR was produced by Tertius Human of VONK Music. Although the song can be described as alternative rock, the light pop elements will interest audiences outside of the genre. Unlike Zaan’s previous music, he experiments with a lighter theme that will appeal to new audiences and promises to soon become a favorite on radio stations across South Africa.

Zaan, who has proven himself a formidable songwriter, has already released his debut album, ZONNEBLOM, in 2021. With this album, Zaan left his mark on Afrikaans listeners and soon became a household name. With hits like EK KAN NET BID, TIENERKWAAD, and TEN MINSTE VIR MY he managed to bring the words that others were looking for.

Zaan explains that his mother, who was a writer herself, was one of his biggest influences. He enjoys music and writings that explore the deeper things of life. Some of his favorite poets include N.P. van Wyk-Louw, D.J. Opperman, and Breyten Breytenbach.

When it comes to music he likes to listen to Francois van Coke, Karen Zoid, Koos Kombuis, and Klopjag, but when it comes to “sokkie” he dances to Kurt Darren hits. He discovered his love for music when he was only in grade 1. His friend gave him a CD of Green Day. For the next two weeks, he would listen to it on his sister’s CD player every moment he got the chance.

Zaan’s sincere lyrics and sincere music are a breath of fresh air in a world where it feels like everyone is pulling wool over your eyes.

This musician who has already achieved a lot in the music world is only warming up. Zaan is soon on his way to establishing his name among the legends of South Africa. He is without a doubt an artist whose career you should MONITOR.

MONITOR is now available on all digital platforms. Listen the song here:

Watch the video here:




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