Local Cape Town Artist loses everything, pleas for help.

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Local artist, Martin Sketcher (more prominently known by the public as Juan Martin, presenter and lifestyle host), has posted a heartfelt message on his facebook page, Martin Sketcher – Pencil Artist, pleading for help from the public, after losing everything 6 months ago with a Back-a-Buddy account, asking for financial help to continue with his artwork.

“I know, that there are far worse and way more serious circumstances – countries, people, poverty, unemployment – the list goes on. I know that. I realise that I’m still blessed and I might still be perceived as privileged because my circumstances aren’t nearly as troublesome as 80% of South Africa’s. I still have a roof over my head, and food to eat – however these are all free and given to me at the moment at no cost, which I’m very grateful for. Extremely grateful. I have nothing left and nothing left to lose – so I’m trying what I can to raise funds to create art again to sell for income and build myself back up again.”

Martin mentions on his BackaBuddy page (Click here to visit the page) that “Make no mistake, I’ve had wonderful friends and wonderful people that has helped me in the last 6 months. A wonderful family – on both sides with great support. I realise that as we stand here today, there are other major concerns around the world, that requires so much more help, assistance and lots of money for more worthy and needed causes.”

He goes on by saying that “I have promised myself that I will do everything possible, to take care of my family one day. Work hard. Work smart. Work with hope and ambition… I was always afraid of a “that day” that may come, where I won’t be able to take care of my family anymore. That day is today.”

With more than 10 years experience in the arts, visual arts and performing arts industry(s), Martin has decided to focus solely on his visual arts, with pencil/graphite and charcoal as medium.

Martin is also an experienced and well versed Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Specialist, with great accolades to his name (SEO Specialist Award by the Martech International Awards) and his fallen Digital Creative Agency, was selected as one of the best Design and Content Marketing Agencies in early 2022. “I’ve tried everything with my business. Tried all the tricks of the trade that I know, but unfortunately funds dried up, and the after effect of Covid, has been far worse than during the epidemic itself. I’ve applied for (and still try), applying for appropriate positions and employment, but am not considered in most as I don’t hold a Bcom Degree, or I’m over-experienced. At least, that’s the feedback I get. Here’s the funny part – I’ve even tried to ask for a casual/waiter position at a couple of restaurants and have been showed away! Desperate times…” 

Martin also explains on his fund raising page that he has tried and “exhausted all avenues” for business funding, or even funding as an artist and have been declined. He also doesn’t have a worthy credit profile anymore and is therefore unable to apply for personal credit, also because he doesn’t have an income.

“I never thought that I’d ever be in a position to open myself up for public scrutiny, and openly expose myself to ask for help. But you do what you have to, to get back up again”.

Here’s the link to his public post and video, with the link to his personal funding page:  https://fb.watch/j6_4UZa0lJ/

Martin also accept commissions if you’d like a portrait sketched of your loved ones or pets. You can get in touch with him via his email address: info@martinsketcher.com

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