Michael Neill releases his brand-new single “Free”

It’s not every day a new artist gets to work with a pop music icon of the calibre of DJ and producer Dave Pearce, one-half of the highly acclaimed and SAMA nominated Pascal & Pearce.
Unless your name is Michael Neill, and you arrive at Cosher Studios armed with a delicious slice of multi-layered, authentic music wrapped up in a range of octaves, rich storytelling, and a chorus immediately embedded in your head the second you hear it.
That’s what his brand-new single “Free” promises and delivers, in spades, on every level.

Stream/listen to ‘Free’ HERE

“I wrote ‘Free’ originally from an autobiographical standpoint,” Michael shares. “I did that because I had overcome some challenging obstacles and worked through adversity, but it only takes one person to be kind enough to support you and say, ‘You can turn things around’, for you to find the courage within, to free yourself from anything life imposes on you.”

As a young artist and fashion designer making his mark felt across the creative divide, “Free” is his addictive remedy and anthem, a mantra we can all relate to in chasing our dreams, embracing self-belief, building confidence, and celebrating what makes each of us unique.

“I enjoyed working with Michael on this track,” Dave Pearce recalls. “It was a super smooth process from start to finish. He has an amazing vocal range, so it was fun to experiment in the chorus with many different layers and ideas – I think the result came out well, and I’m very stoked to have been a part of the project!”

With its subtle, teasing intro, “Free” unlocks a confident vocal harmony which rides atop a carefully orchestrated electronic arrangement that allows Michael’s calming vocals to breathe and entice.

From there, it’s into the chorus that’ll indeed have us all singing at full tilt, whether in the car or privately on headphones, where the melody ripples and affirms what we already know within ourselves; the good will genuinely out!

Follow Michael Neill online:
Website: www.michaelneill.co.za
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelneillofficial/

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