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The dictionary describes a hero as someone who is envied for his or her bravery, outstanding achievement and noble qualities. We all know one or more person who fit this definition. For Herman Kleinhans it was their family friend, Melcus Nel.

Melcus Nel, who died at the age of 61, was no ordinary person. With his talents and zeal, he led a colourful life and cultivated a heart with many rooms where people could find a home.

It is his love for people that developed him into a successful businessman – so he could have more than enough to give. “A hand that is closed cannot receive,” and Melcus’s hand was certainly never closed.

Apart from his success as a businessman, he touched many lives through his support of the less fortunate. He was a man who lived to uplift his community with his hard work. He set up numerous training centers where people could enrich themselves. He loved his neighbour more than himself.

The fruits of his labour were never his own to enjoy, for they were distributed to many needy people who needed them more than himself. Therefore, it is no wonder that Herman Kleinhans wishes him a good rest in his new single, GENIET DIE RUS (ENJOY THE REST).

GENIET DIE RUS is a farewell letter to the beloved Melcus. Although the theme of death should be bleak, the lyrics take on a new meaning with the upbeat melody and cheerful violin playing. The image you are left with is that of a retirement home where all the heroes of our time sit together and enjoy their rest.

The lyrics make it clear that Melcus belongs with the great names of our time: Madiba, Freddie Mercury, Meatloaf, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Palmer and Joost van der Westhuizen.

GENIET DIE RUS’s country-disco sound is the work of producer Jurgen von Wechmar of Sunset Studios in Stellenbosch. It is a light listening song with substance around the lyrics. Without a doubt it will ignite interest in the ears of various age groups.

Despite the light tone of the song, GENIET DIE RUS will call you to introspection to reflect on your legacy and how you should cherish the time with the heroes in your life.

Heroes live on through retelling. This is the greatest tribute you can pay to them. And thanks to GENIET DIE RUS, Melcus Nel will live on for a long time.

If you ask Herman what memories first come to mind when he thinks back to the life of Melcus Nel, his words are simple: “Good times.”

Whether Melcus gets the chance to play cards with Madiba today, or smoke a cigar with his name on it is left to the imagination. And as Herman ends the song, we want to say to Melcus “But regardless of what you do now, ENJOY THE REST (GENIET DIE RUS).”

GENIET DIE RUS is now available on all digital media platforms. Listen to it here: https://linktr.ee/hermankleinhans

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/K0tERKXVxfc  


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