Deidre Barnard releases music video for Beskerm Jou Hart!

Deidré Barnard recently released her debut single, BESKERM JOU HART, and it is already featuring on the charts of several major radio stations.

Now she is back in the spotlight with the release of a music video of this beautiful original track.

The video was shot in Pretoria, directed by Révan Luüs, Maree van den Berg and Eon van Zijl and produced by Inhoud Huis Musiek’s Johan Vorster and Jacomien de Wet.

“Révan Luüs and I came up with the concept. We played around with the song’s title and the importance of protecting your identity and it is subtly, yet poignantly, portrayed through the video. One example is the inclusion of danger tape, which is normally used to section off a dangerous area in a building. We used it to create a massive heart that I could stand in to portray how tangible one’s heart really is and that it must be protected. Another example used in the video, is the heart stickers that can be seen on things that keep you safe in your everyday life, without you even noticing it, such as the traffic light, the mirror in the parking area and so on,” Deidré explains.

“It’s really special to me, because the message behind the song and the video is very close to my heart and I feel that my personality and who I aspire to be is very well portrayed in the video,” she adds.

Watch the video here:

Deidré made a name for herself in the music industry during the first season of the popular reality series, Die Kontrak, in which she finished third.

BESKERM JOU HART is a beautiful modern pop song about staying true to yourself in difficult times and was inspired by Proverbs 4:23.

Singing and writing meaningful music with a strong message, is very important to her which is why she relates to musicians like Taylor Swift, Bernice West, Refentse, Riana Nell, Elandré and Chris Stapleton, with whom she would all like to collaborate someday.

She reveals that she would like to own a flower farm, with a restaurant on the premises where people can eat and enjoy nature, and that she would also like to write a novel someday.

Her plans for 2023 include releasing an EP, relocating to Pretoria and starting her own music school. She will also be part of the musical, Die Kaplyn, and hopes to do as many live shows as possible.

BESKERM JOU HART is now available on all digital platforms. Get it here:



Instagram: @deidrebarnarddd

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