MG, the latest entrant into the exclusive personal fragrance market.


Phil Davel, Ginger Rock, Blyde Smit, Thomas Hill. These names certainly got my attention as I am sure they have yours. Hearing that this eclectic mix of South African personalities are working together on a project had me at the edge of my seat. This is going to be big.

MG, the latest entrant into the exclusive personal fragrance market seems to be reaching out to a generation who till now have, pretty much been ignored. Our generation.

I have had the opportunity to chat with some of the creative talent behind this launch. Starting with Thomas Hill and Blyde Smit from Sowaar Studios, the photographers involved in the launch campaign. Black and white monochromatic palette and capturing the emotion of their subjects are where they are heading. Yet the main element they are aspiring to is fun.

Phil Davel and Ginger Rock, the faces of this campaign, are both well respected in the South African Arts and Entertainment world. Their friendly relationship is both beautiful and real. MG have done their homework in searching for two people that wholesomely embody energy, passion and creativity.

Annelie Pretorius from Hair Jewel, being responsible for the shoot subject’s hair, reiterates these ideas. Annelie is looking to consider both her clients and models needs. Keep it natural is her philosophy.

The more I listen to those involved in this brand and its launch here. The more I realize that these people know what they want and more so who they are. I get the feeling that this is true for MG too. We have ambitions, not to be million-dollar playboys or catwalk models yet ambitions we do still have.

MG, it seems, is for us.

Article by Charl Coetser

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