Teen sings about achieving breakthrough in toxic relationships

Looking for the perfect song to boost your mood and your confidence, then Singhita’s follow-up single ‘My Heart’ will do exactly that.

The 15-year-old songstress, who rose to critical acclaim in 2022 with her debut single ‘That Kinda Girl’, is back with another banger that’s bound to get your blood pumping and those dance shoes tapping.

The moment the first beat drops the track takes its listener on a melodic journey, as well as a lyrical one.

‘My heart’ is the story of a girl trying to move on from a toxic relationship and just when she thinks she is out of it, he pulls her back in again.

“It’s a song of complete honesty and frustration,” she says. “But it’s also a song about breakthroughs.”

The song’s core message is about having the confidence to walk away and take control of the situation. Moreover, it is also a song about taking control of your emotions, which are often the root cause of our poor decisions. It’s about being empowered and not staying in toxic situations or relationships.

These may seem like promising words from a budding teenager, but Singhita is wise beyond her years and enjoys writing and singing about stuff she has personally experienced.

Mentioning Taylor Swift as one of her influences, it’s not surprising that she would tackle such subject matter.

The song was written and produced together with Gino Lee at River Road Records in Gqeberha. The two wanted to create a song that is not only relatable, but a song that helps people feel good about themselves.

The song has more of an African beat to it and truly showcases Singhita’s vocal range. 

Also an aspiring model, actress and an avid equestrian, Singhita is staring at an empty canvas in front of her and the world is her oyster. Stroke by stroke she is painting her masterpiece.

She lives by the motto, “Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.”

“We hear you Singhita. Loud and clear, we hear you!”

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