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Accepting reality is accepting our mortality. The truth is that life on earth will ultimately come to an end, and many of us have encountered the reality of loss in our lives at some point or another. For some, that loss may be a fellow human being, a friend or relative, and for some it is the loss of a beloved animal.

For Katia De Vallier, a turning point in her life was the loss of her horse, Goudhoek Nana. Earlier this year, she lost her horse – her best friend – due to a freak accident. The mare fell and broke her neck, severing the main artery. Witnessing the entire the thing, Katia was devastated.

The beautiful thing about music is that it has healing properties. For a songwriter it can serve as a kind of catharsis. ‘Watch Over Me’ was Katia’s way of processing her grief. 

Despite being in the industry for many years as a live performer, this was Katia’s first attempt at songwriting. The song, a beautiful ballad, will pull at the heartstrings of its listener.

In memory of Nana, Katia wanted the proceeds of the song to go to a worthy cause. All earnings from the song will go to the Highveld Horse Care Unit (HHCU), who care and provide for hundreds of horses each year. This includes their Outreach Programme, rehoming of equines off the racetrack and equines surrendered to the Unit. They also have an Inspection Team that follows up on complaints and monitors equines in need of assistance.  

The care unit also goes to great lengths to provide education to horse owners who use horses as work animals. The livelihoods of many South African families depend on these animals, whether it be pulling carts of goods or for transport.

“We truly appreciate Katia’s fundraiser for the HHCU,” says Joanne Pursey, the organisation’s Marketing Manager. “After COVID, things have been tough financially and we truly appreciate every cent we receive.”

She adds, “We just love the song, as it comes straight from the heart. I think it is amazing that Katia has changed a very sad situation into a beautiful memory.”

Although a very personal story, Katia hopes that her listeners will be able to relate it to their own life or story.

She says, “Essentially ‘Watch Over Me’ is about a close partnership. Anyone who has experienced a loss of a dear pet or loved one will be able to identify with this song. The aim is to celebrate and cherish the memories and existence of someone that has passed. It is an emotional song but I do believe that members of the public will find listening to it a healing experience.”

The song is a message of hope, a source of comfort for anyone that has experienced some form of loss. Katia explains that music has always been her go-to in times of emotional turmoil.

“I am so proud of the song,” she says. “It portrays the story of my Nana and I want to share it with the rest of the world.”

The memory of Nana lives on through this beautiful tribute and her spirit in the heart of every listener.

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