Simple summer weddings in The Midlands!

Summer has an air of celebration and is filled with festivities, holidays and long sunny days. So what better time to add to the “feel good” feeling than by throwing in a summer wedding.

With sunny blue skies lasting into the evening, there is no doubt that the Midlands provides the perfect setting for outdoor nuptials.

The weather brings gorgeous natural backdrops with lots of indigenous foliage and florals in full bloom. And with the abundance of flower varieties available, you will have a greater selection, making for more dynamic colourful arrangements that are in season.

The dress options are plentiful, and it’s the perfect time for elegant, light, flowing gowns that keep you cool whilst still being glamourous. Think strapless, off the shoulder or open back bridal gowns and flowing lightweight fabrics of silk, satin, chiffon and lace.

At Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, you and your guests have the venue all to yourselves, even during the peak season, so you can explore all the charming features of the grounds.

Some guidelines on having the ultimate summer wedding:

  1. Be prepared for the heat and sun! To ensure that you and your guests remain comfortable, plan your wedding to start either late afternoon or early evening.

The ideal plan: schedule dinner for sunset (provided the sun isn’t setting too late on your date), then work the rest of the event around that timing. This way you’ll also guarantee the ideal lighting for photos.

  1. Provide some elegant parasols or hand fans. You can find wedding parasols and fans in bulk to fit your theme or colour scheme. Not only are umbrellas a thoughtful touch – but they’re also a wonderful memento for you and your guests after the big day.
  2. No matter how much you plan for an outdoor ceremony, you can never fully predict the noise level. Using a microphone for your wedding ceremony and reception is an ideal way to ensure that, no matter how noisy your day in nature is, your guests can hear every beautiful vow and expression of love shared between you and your spouse.
  3. The best part about an outdoor wedding is that the venue is already stunning and doesn’t need too much decoration, especially at Granny Mouse. This aspect helps you save money and gives your wedding a natural, effortless look that will awe your guests. For instance, you might consider lanterns, statues, wooden benches, or barrels of flowers for your wedding day decor. Often outdoor weddings are best decorated using small items to accentuate the surroundings.
  4. Check the loadshedding schedule and have a Plan B in place in the event of no power. Electricity or back up power is a must to ensure that your wedding continues without a hitch.
  5. Heavy food and heat don’t mix. Choose a seasonal menu that includes grilled entrées and local, fresh produce. Gazpacho shooters and grilled fruit skewers make tempting appetizers, and for dessert, consider fruit pies or tarts in lieu of (or in addition to) the wedding cake. Frozen cocktails (mint, cucumber or watermelon are popular flavours) or even ice lollies.
  • Lastly, when hosting a destination wedding, consider planning additional events throughout the weekend so guests can turn your wedding into a small getaway.

“In the summer, guests tend to be open to taking more days off to create a vacation around an event they’re attending,” says GM Sean Granger. “Organizing additional activities in advance is a thoughtful option for them. Also, if guests turn your wedding into a mini-vacation, you’ll have more time to interact with them on your big day,” Granger added..

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